Getting the Most out of your Partner XE Agency Management System

Have you ever gotten a new phone, new camera, new tv, new anything for that matter and been so thrilled with how much better it was than whatever you had before, that you never really took the time to read the manual and take advantage of ALL it had to offer? As time strapped as most of us are these days, it would be simple make the same mistake with your insurance software. But, why skim the tip of the iceberg? You’ve invested in the technology, and at SIS our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment. Hence we will periodically post some simple, time saving tricks such as these:

Keeping Employee Client Profiles Clutter Free…

  • When you or your employees have a Client Profile in your Partner XE insurance software and it lists your agency email address, you may notice with the Outlook Add-In, incoming emails may be flooding to your own Client Documents section.
  • You can prevent the Outlook Add-In from adding email to your own Client Profile by removing the check from the “Allow Auto-Add” for that email address from the Email/Web tab in your Client Profile.
  • Removing the check from “Allow Auto-Add” for any Client email address will also prevent emails from being attached to those Clients.

At SIS our Customer Service Team regularly answers questions such as this and makes suggestions to improve our clients’ productivity and profitability. Have a question? Wondering whether there is a shortcut for what you are trying to do? Contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 2.

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