Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are now some of the world’s most recognizable names. Each serves customer needs in multiple sectors, yet they all started with a single focus. Apple made computers, Amazon sold books, and Google helped people find what they were looking for online. Starting with that simple focus, they improved upon their service and looked for organic ways to expand, serving new areas of their customers’ needs.

The team at Partner Platform has applied the same vision to our service. We began concentrating on personal lines and improving the agency management system experience with personal lines agencies. As we’ve grown, we’re proud to expand to better serve the unique needs of commercial lines agencies as well.

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How Partner Platform Serves Our Commercial Lines Agencies

Over the past few years, our team has dialed-in to improve commercial lines-specific support in the Partner Platform system. Elements of our commercial lines services include:

New Commercial Business Lines

As we set out to improve our commercial lines offerings, we knew adding additional support for commercial lines of business was essential. Thanks to feedback from our Partner agencies, Partner Platform offers a comprehensive set of commercial lines of business, with additional lines in the works. Our current offerings include:

  • Business Auto
  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Commercial Flood
  • Businessowners Policy (BOP)
  • Garage & Dealers
  • Commercial Inland Marine
  • Commercial Package

Mass Certificate Management

Commercial lines agencies know certificate management is a time-consuming, often challenging, commitment from a service standpoint. When the SIS team started, users could only create one certificate at a time. Our service team knew this simply wouldn’t cut it for commercial-focused agencies. Since then, we’ve rewritten portions of the system to easily manage hundreds of certificates a month, including batch email and renewal, and certificate templates to mass import. We’re especially proud of these updates as they make life easier for our agencies’ customers and our agencies, making it a double win.

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Client Portal and Agency-Branded Mobile App

The larger the commercial book of business, the more complex the agency. That’s part of the reason we knew we needed to add the Client Portal and Agency-Branded Mobile App to the Partner Platform suite.

Supporting agency tech needs is part of what we do every day. We know agencies need to put their brand out front to compete with the direct writers. With the Client Portal and Agency-Branded Mobile App, agencies can offer a self-service portal as an extension of their existing website and a branded mobile app directly from the app stores. We designed these tools specifically to help our Partner agencies better serve their customers and stand out from their competitors.

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Document Management

Commercial agencies face a mountain of information on a daily basis. Knowing this, our team completely revamped the document management portion of Partner Platform to fit commercial agencies’ needs. With our updated system, agencies can customize folders and subfolders for document storage and drag and drop documents from outside the system to a client, policy, and claim, among other elements, adding speed and ease to agency operations.

Email Integration

Similar to document management, Partner Platform’s email integration has been huge for our commercial-focused agencies. The seamless integration with Outlook makes it easy for users to manage emails and automatically attach them back to the commercial account, all within one system. Every time an email is sent or received, it’s attached to the prospect or client folder, eliminating the need to manually add emails. This Outlook email integration has been a massive time-saver for our commercial agencies, making it easier for them to keep up on communications and share information across their team.

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These elements are just a fraction of what the Partner Platform system and team provide our Partner agencies. Beyond our world-class system, we’re proud of the community of agencies and partners we’ve fostered to make Partner Platform a cut above the rest as we continually improve. We may not be Amazon, Apple, or Google yet, but we take that spirit of serving customers and always look for ways to take our system and team to the next level.

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