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As an agency owner, you are aware of the importance of building and sustaining relationships with staff, clients, and partners. Communication is a crucial part of these relationships, especially as a means to keep them safe.

With the recent rise in cyber attacks and cyber threats, continual communication about such vulnerabilities is critical. However, your clients and employees need to be protected in different ways. Below are tips to keep both groups alert and safe.

Protecting Clients

  1. Educate clients on possible threats via blog posts and newsletters, providing information on types of attacks, how to spot them, and how to stay protected
  2. Inform about the ways your agency is keeping their personal data secure, such as cloud security and encrypted messaging
  3. Update your client base immediately in the event of a security breach, being honest about what happened (and didn’t!) and your next steps
  4. Connect with individuals who see a problem or suspect a threat, providing clients with access to your agents via online chats, emails, social media, etc. to make your agency accessible and build trust

Protecting Employees

  1. Create and update an agency wide security plan, that includes enforcing strong passwords and safe surfing habits
  2. Encourage transparency about data breaches and security issues, and impress upon employees the importance of sharing information in order to prevent further damage
  3. Train employees on how to spot common threats and what to do to prevent them
  4. Equip staff with the tools to keep data protected, such as anti-virus and data encryption software

By providing such information to clients and staff alike, you will further solidify trust, making your relationship even stronger.

We at SIS know and value such relationships with our clients, which is why we produce posts such as this to keep them informed and updated on how to make their agencies safe, efficient, and effective. Get in conversation with us today! Contact us at [email protected].

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