Agency Management SystemChange is in the air this time of year. School is beginning again, leaves are changing colors, and you likely have some key decisions to make within your agency. One of those decision may be considering a new agency management system.  As this potential for change approaches, you and your staff need to evaluate your current system and answer the question: is it time for a change?

It can be a bit intimidating to make a change, yet transitions are a necessary part of growth and improvement, both of which every agency wants. The longer change is avoided, the more difficult the transition becomes. As you begin to assess your need for change, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the signs?

Constant frustration and complaints are sure signs a change is needed. This includes frustration experienced by just about anyone who comes in touch with your system, or has to deal with your system’s provider. You should also think about an update if you’re constantly thinking “It’d be nice if we had…” You fill in the blank! If you’re wishing for something more, make it happen. When the status quo isn’t acceptable anymore and you believe a better option is available, it’s time to make a change.

Who do you consult?

Your conversation should always start with your staff to hear them out. Ask what would help them be more effective, efficient, etc.  While the thought of change may be difficult for your staff to consider, it is inevitable.  Although it may not be how or when you think it should happen, change will happen.  You should reach out to your peers to see who they are using and if they are satisfied with the service they are getting.

How much do you change?

This final question revolves around whether you need small updates, or a whole system overhaul. You should gain insight in to the answer through your conversations with peers, employees and your provider, and should consult your budget before moving forward. Make sure you have the right funds to make the changes you need. If you’re falling short, prioritize your needs, go for what you can, and make a plan to integrate additional updates later.

Can we do it?

The answer to this question is always “YES”! No matter how much or little you need to update change can be difficult. But if you stay in conversation with your provider it can be surprisingly less intimidating. We at SIS have dedicated service representatives for each client, and they are there 24/7 to help you decide when, what, and how to change.

Contact us today to find out about our latest updates to Partner XE and we’ll walk you through the transition. Together we can make change great!

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