More and more independent insurance agents are realizing the benefits of Real Time connections with carriers through their agency management systems. For one reason or another, however, others hesitate. Truth is, as long as your agency management system offers the functionality, there is no real reason to hold back. There are many resources available to help get you up and running and the benefits in terms of increased efficiency will be well worth it.Real Time Logo

Key takeaways:

  • Before implementation – Check with your agency management system vendor to verify specific Real Time functions that are available for each company for both personal and commercial lines.
  • Ongoing – Adopt every Real Time functionality offered by your agency management system vendor.
  • Ongoing – Make Real Time a habit for everyone in your agency.
  • Ongoing – Get management involved from the outset. “Immediate management intervention to resolve apparent problems establishes early confidence by the staff that Real Time is a real benefit to them that WORKS”
  • Ongoing – Make sure to thank the Carriers that are utilizing Real Time technology.  “Hearing from the agents is the best way to assure continued investments by the carriers in Real Time and other improved agent-carrier connectivity.

At SIS, our implementation team is ready, willing and able to help Partner XE users get set up with Real Time. We’ll set you up with Transformation Station and have direct connections to select carriers to make the process easy. We’ll walk you through the nuances of working with the different carriers. We also support download of over 600 carrier and line of business combinations and are adding more all the time. Bottom line? We know how much time you can save with Real Time and we’ll do everything we can to help you do so.

About SIS: SIS is the team behind Partner XE insurance software – an innovative online-hosted insurance agency management system that helps independent agencies streamline workflow and grow their business. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. We’re out to take the industry – and your agency – to a new level.



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