Google Plus for Insurance AgenciesStop Whining: Embrace Google+ was recently published by the Executive Editor of The Steve Anderson Report (TAAR) Steve Anderson. In this article, Anderson explains that though you may currently be using Facebook for your personal lines and LinkedIn for your business lines, you are more apt to make a stronger digital marketing presence if you embrace Google+ as well.

Anderson explains that though you may be using Facebook and LinkedIn, to master your internet presence you must use Google+ in some capacity. As mentioned in Part I of this article, Google+ currently hosts more than 500 million users worldwide. Also, according to Business Insider, Google+ is adding 750,000 users everyday. Image the digital marketing opportunities you would have with a daily user increase such as that!

Anderson wraps up the article by providing readers with helpful step and links on how to get started with setting up a Google+ account. Here are some of the suggestions that he makes:

  • Fill out your profile in its entirety. This will provide you with a better chance of showing up when someone is searching for information that you may be able to provide.
  • Link your website to increase your internet presence. Since information added to Google+ is used by Google in the search results, this is one of the main benefits of a Google+ account. To learn more about doing this step click here.
  • Start using circles to organize contacts and connections. Some circles included are topics, industries, family, and friends.
  • Post information on Google+ similar to what you would post on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can even post the same information on all three sites.
  • Add interesting people to your circles by sharing each other’s posts with links to the original author embedded.  Anderson suggests posting comments under the posts to engage with the network and bring new and interesting people to your attention.
  • Finally, explore the newer addition to Google+, Communities. These are similar to groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This post is part of a series on Insurance Marketing Strategies brought to you by SIS.  At SIS we view it as our job to make all the behind the scenes tasks that go into running an independent insurance agency simpler, so you can focus on growing your book of business.

We do this by doing what we do best – listening to our clients’ needs, constantly working to build a better agency management system, providing outstanding ongoing customer support and looking for the next “best way” we can help you out.   

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