As an independent insurance agency management system provider, we work with agencies from all over the country. From North to South and East to West, we’ve encountered hundreds of agencies, but never one exactly like another. Each has its own culture, community, and specific needs.

We discuss these individual agency management system capability needs with each agency, and find them as varied as the agencies themselves. However, there are many capability needs that come up time and again. We asked a few of our partner agencies to share their most useful capabilities, compiling a “must have” list for agencies seeking to improve operations and better serve their customers.

Essential Management System Capabilities, from Agencies that Know

Email Synchronization

“We love that emails automatically attach. As an agency owner, it gives me comfort knowing while my staff is out there doing, doing, doing, everything is getting put in the management system. That protects us so we can grow without fear of E&O.” – Britt Linder, Peterson Insurance Services

Carrier Downloads

“We use carrier downloads all the time. It works pretty seamlessly, updating on a regular, nightly basis…the fact that it’s reliable makes a difference. Same with creating certificates; we have a pretty good workflow going, and we can easily make changes to policies in the system.” – John Horvath, Neverman Insurance

Integrated Accounting

“With multiple locations, the accounting plug-in is a must. The financial reports I can produce are second to none. It’s a piece of cake to do seemingly complex reports. I can look at multiple entities, compare balance sheets, combine entities, and all sorts of other iterations. I had my accountant call yesterday and ask for my first six months. It was a matter of two or three clicks to get the report and email it off to him. It’s just so easy.” – Dan Cassidy, Berndt And Murfin Insurance Agency

Mobile Access

“With our old system, we didn’t have a good app to use on the road. It’s great to have everything in the palm of your hand. There are times you get calls after hours or on the weekends (all too often, really) and with the mobile app you can quickly pull it up, load the client’s information and tell them exactly what they need.” – Chad Van Camp, Family Insurance Center

Mass Certificate Creation

“The big one for us is working with certificates. We send out hundreds of thousands of certificates each day and needed a system that could handle that volume. This latest (Partner XE) release allows us to mass email and fax the certificates we need.”Alison Van Wyk, Van Wyk Risk Solutions

Secure Infrastructure

“The security updates have been huge. Data security was important when we got on board…As a principal, security is my number one concern. A great system means nothing if your data’s not safe.” – Matt Derrenberger, Ann Arbor Insurance Associates, LLC

Creating a System that Works for You

Though agencies may use all of these capabilities to varying degrees, it’s always great to hear which stand out to each. That’s the challenge we enjoy solving: creating a system that can adapt to each agency’s unique needs.

Partner XE offers all the above capabilities and gives agencies the ability to build the best system for them. In the end, each Partner XE system is as singular as its agency.

To find out more about Partner XE, SIS, and how we can serve your agency, contact us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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