Mobile Safety Tips Mobile devices and “free” Wi-Fi at airports, coffee shops, and hotels have made doing business on-the-go easier and more effective. However, with the good must come the bad, and such on-the-go access comes with many potential security risks.

As an independent insurance agency, you have a commitment to client security. In addition, as a HIPPA compliant agency, you must adopt written privacy procedures for all your employees to follow – including when they are doing business via mobile devices and public Wi-Fi. To help you stay compliant and secure, we’ve complied the top tips to stay secure on-the-go.

1. Stay Away from “Free” Wi-Fi

When accessing Wi-Fi, stay away from networks labeled “free”. You should instead looks for the network named by the establishment (i.e. Columbus Airport, Starbucks). When prompted, be sure to select “Public Network”. This adds additional protection to make your device as undetectable as possible.

2. Don’t Access Secure Files

As a rule, you should never access highly secure data (i.e. personal identification information) on a mobile devices or public Wi-Fi, and you definitely shouldn’t save any such files on your device. As a security measure, your agency can ensure remote wiping is available for all devices in cases of theft. This wipes a users’ personal data (contacts, SIM-card, stored data) from a device no matter its location.

3. Use Double and Triple Password Protection

When accessing information on-the-go, you can never have too many passwords. At the very least, your employees should have a complex password on any mobile devices used for agency business, but it is a good idea to have additional passwords granting access to applications. Use of an encryption browser extension, like HTTPS Everywhere, adds an extra layer of security to every site you visit, increasing your protection against data theft.

4. Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a private network that you can access anywhere. By investing in a VPN service, you can be ensured your employees are always accessing a secure network no matter where they do agency business. Check out HotSpot Shield and ProXPN as potential providers.

5. Access Via Your Agency Management System

If you agency management system provides mobile access, use it as a means to get the data you need. Since it’s already set up with a server firewall and anti-malware protection, it’s the safest way to view and store any client information.

For more tips on data protection, check out our previous posts on the topic. We know data protection and security are important issues for you, your agency, and your clients. We’ve made efforts to ensure Partner XE is as secure as possible, including providing protected mobile access for all users. To hear more about our data safety and security measures, contact us today!

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