You do a lot with your agency management system. You and your staff are in it every day: looking up information, running reports, and adding data constantly. But, you may be missing something. With your day to day routine usage, it’s easy to forget about or overlook some high-efficiency elements related to your management system. Check out the list below to see what you may be missing.

1. Customization

Chances are the standard naming conventions and workflows in a system aren’t the perfect fit for your agency. Take advantage of customizations such as using agency-specific category names and task paths. These small adaptations make your system more intuitive for your staff.

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2. Integrated accounting

Any system integration is beneficial for your agency, but accounting takes the cake. If you’re still relying on QuickBooks for accounting, you’re behind the curve. Integrated accounting eliminates double data entry and inevitable mistakes.

3. Personal and Commercial Lines Downloads

Like integrated systems, downloads spell out an immediate efficiency boost. If you’re already downloading, make sure you’re updating regularly. Carriers and lines of business are added frequently, and you may be missing out if you don’t have an up-to-date list.

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4. Reporting

You store so much data in your system. What is it telling you? You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Pulling data from your management system provides an accurate look at critical items such as book of business, client types, best carriers, premiums and other custom information you’re tracking. The insights you gain from reports can help you can target new opportunities and clients.

5. Self-service customer portal

Give your customers direct access to their information through a web-facing customer portal. This can eliminate late night or weekend calls about accidents or need for proof of insurance. It’s a great ‘and’ to the services you’re already providing, especially in our technologically progressive society.

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6. 24/7 Support

At SIS, the number one service we provide is free, ongoing training and support for our clients. Whether it’s in-person training for their team or always-available online training videos and QuickGuides, it’s included in our partnership. And, we hold monthly webinars on various topics, giving our partner agencies tools they can immediately use to impact their agency.

It may be time for a change. We’d love to talk with you about your management system needs. Contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or [email protected] to talk to an SIS staff member today.

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