Top Digital Sales Stats and What they Mean for Insurance Websites

Top Digital Sales Stats and What they Mean for Insurance Websites

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to change many elements of our lives. For businesses, it created a quickening effect on plans to increase tech use and move to digital. With those changes, many agencies turned to their insurance websites as hubs for their business, whether or not their site was optimized to take on that level of responsibility.

As your agency evaluates how to shift to the “new normal,” consider these insurance website statistics and what they mean for your agency.

Connect with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation sends messaging to interested prospects and clients when they take a particular action, like clicking “request a quote,” or at a specific time such as when they’re up for renewal. When integrated with your website, you can set up marketing automation to send messaging at the ideal times to engage prospects and customers. Research shows the personalization that marketing automation provides works:

  • Close to 90% of customers now demand more personalization from businesses, much of which can be done through marketing automation (Accenture)
  • Insurance companies that leverage marketing automation sell 20% more policies per producer (Velocify)

Pay Attention to Your Site’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to your site’s success. Your SEO status dictates how easy it is for your target prospect group to find you in an online search. Independent agencies that specialize in serving their local community benefit from quality SEO by targeting localized search phrases like “Ashville NC auto insurance.” Your search ranking is important as statistics show more people are turning to online searches to find coverage:

  • Almost 70% of insurance customers run online searches before making a purchase (LSA)
  • Online searches for “insurance near me” have grown by 100% in the past two years, making it more critical than ever to have your SEO locally targeted (Google)

Optimize for Mobile

More people are accessing the web via mobile than ever, and your website needs to adjust. Ensure you’ve optimized your website design so it can be easily viewed on any device. Mobile access is taking over as the most popular way to view online content:

  • Mobile searches make up 59% of all organic search visits (Broadband Search)
  • Mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for almost 55% of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021 (Statistica)

Highlight Customer Reviews

Whether it’s from social media, a review site, or an email message, show off the feedback you get from happy customers. If you don’t have many examples yet, encourage customers to go to places like Google Reviews or Yelp and comment about your service. Integrating your social media feed and these review site comments into your site gives a boost, too. We know authentic reviews make a huge impact:

  • Close to 60% of consumers say they go to social media to influence their purchasing decisions (Marketing Drive)
  • People are up to four times more likely to purchase a product or service with at least five reviews (Review24)

Get the Custom Website You Need

If you’re looking to upgrade your site to bring better service and higher-quality insurance leads, look no further than the experts at Partner Platform. Our latest agency website offerings are personalized sites custom-designed, thanks to our trusted Partner Allies. Each site offers integration with marketing automation, customer service tools like our Client Portal, and secure infrastructure to keep you and your customers safe.

See samples of agency websites here and get in touch with us to find out more.

What Customers Want and the Insurance Sales Software to Get It

What Customers Want and the Insurance Sales Software to Get It

When it comes to your insurance prospects and customers, there are three main areas to focus on:

  1. Improving ease and speed of service
  2. Personalizing prospect and customer experience
  3. Gaining data for expert advice

Each of these areas answers the question, “what do insurance customers want?”. Are you leveraging the right insurance sales software and processes to respond to these needs?

Improving Ease and Speed of Service

The best way to improve your service is by being accessible and responsive. The two key technologies to make that possible are your agency management system and your website. 

Your agency management system needs to present information quickly and accurately so you can respond to clients and have the right analytics to measure and improve results.  If you need a Ph.D. to pull reports, you may want to reconsider your options. The faster you can interpret your customer data, the faster you can respond to needs.

An often-overlooked service tool, your agency website can be a meaningful communication platform – when set up correctly. Make your site intuitive to navigate and include a client portal that’s integrated with your management system. Client portals are essential in today’s digitized service experience. With a client portal, your customers can view coverage, print insurance cards, and check on claims processing 24/7. That immediate and always accessible service is vital.

Personalizing Prospect and Customer Experience

Prospects and customers now expect personalized service. With an integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), you can gain the data you need to personalize the entire prospect journey and build better relationships with your customers. Reminders to follow-up on tasks to engage with your prospects come with a comprehensive picture of the prospect so you can target each conversation to their individual needs. Timing and content are critical when communicating with a prospect. Good timing with good information improves the probability of a quality conversation, the catalyst for driving new business results.

Marketing Automation adds another level of personalization with custom marketing campaigns that speak to different prospect segments. Each campaign gains information on individual prospects and their segment, allowing you to improve personalization with each message.

Gaining Data for Expert Service

In our recent conversations with Partner Platform agencies, we’ve heard again and again that the need for expert insurance advice is rising and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. To bring that advice, you need better data on your customers. An integrated CRM system is the ideal tool to gain and interpret data.

With that data, you can create expert proposals with the help of an integrated proposal creator. With a proposal creator, you can create a professional proposal in minutes by flooding policy and submission information. This tool is excellent for conducting an account review and offering cross-selling opportunities as well.

Get all the Best Insurance Sales Software in One Place

We know the value of each of these tools because they’re just what our Partner Platform agencies asked for to enhance their sales and marketing experience. See how you can get all these sales and services tools and more in one system – contact us to view a Partner Platform demo today.

Expert Tips for Building Your Insurance Website for Sales

Expert Tips for Building Your Insurance Website for Sales

Have you properly equipped your insurance website for sales? Almost three-quarters of insurance shoppers go online to do research and obtain quotes, so you need a quality website to attract those sales.

This shift to online prompted our Partner Platform team to think more about agency websites and how to optimize them for sales and service. We now work with agencies to help them create a custom site to grow their business after seeing several common mistakes. Here are some of the ways we saw agency websites missing the mark – and how we helped them correct their missteps.

See how to become an effective digital insurance agent without losing customer connection

Saying Too Much

Yes, you want your site to give visitors an idea of who you are and what you do, but there is such a thing as too much information online. Your site should focus on the essentials: your agency brand, the services you offer, and how to get in touch. Too much text is overwhelming and can turn away a potential customer.

What to do: If you’re having trouble being concise, use videos as an alternative to provide deeper descriptions of your brand and service.  

Complicating Design

There is a lot that can be done with a website these days, but you want to be careful about going overboard. Too many dynamic elements can cause your site to render differently on mobile devices and even from browser to browser. More than half of internet users said they wouldn’t recommend a business with poor mobile design, so you need to ensure your site renders well no matter what device visitors use.

What to do: To ensure your site will render well on any device, begin with the mobile design or design both mobile and desktop versions concurrently.

Take a look at what your insurance agency website needs to stay competitive

Burying the Brand

While pricing and service offerings are certainly important, you don’t want visitors to lose sight of who they’re researching or doing business with. Your brand is the most valuable element you have to offer, and you want people to associate the positive experience they have with your name.

What to do: Use your branding colors throughout the site and have your agency name, logo, and (if short enough) motto on a sticky menu that users will see no matter where they are on your site.

Confusing Navigation

The last thing you want is for users to get lost when they’re on your site. If they came there to see your auto offerings or request a quote, it should take them only a few seconds to find what they need. If your navigation isn’t properly organized or seems confusing, it will be difficult for visitors to find what they need, and they may abandon your site.  

What to do: Use sticky drop-down menus so users can navigate to any part of the site no matter what page they’re viewing.

Decentralizing Data

The prospect and customer information you gain from your site’s interactions needs to be stored in your management system. When all your prospect and customer data is in one place, it’s easier to see what certain groupings or individuals need and the best ways to serve those needs. When your data is decentralized, or you enter it manually, you lose efficiency and sales opportunities.

What to do: Integrate all your systems (client portal, marketing automation, CRM) into one centralized location: your agency management system.

Keep your agency equipped for the future with these essential software systems

Meet all Your Agency Website Needs in One Place

We’ve crafted our agency website offerings to address all these common errors, including the critical system integration that brings agency efficiency and effectiveness to a new level.

See samples of our website offerings and hear from Partner Platform agencies about how the Partner Platform system and team can help you do more for your prospects and customers.

Get in touch at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6, to view a demo and learn more.

The Key to Stepping into Insurance Sales Software

The Key to Stepping into Insurance Sales Software

Identifying the right insurance sales software and systems requires understanding the balance of quality and quantity for valuable insurance leads.  The concept of “living on renewals” is great – until it’s not.  Intentional, proactive, professional insurance sales demand the right mindset, strategy, and systems to make the desired impact in an independent insurance agency.

Rethinking your insurance sales software and systems doesn’t have to be a major project. Start with knowing what you want, bringing that into your sales mindset, and finally acclimating to new tech. It only takes a step at a time.

Know What You Want: Quality or Quantity for Insurance Leads

Most agencies desire quality over quantity. Quality insurance leads resemble your best clients and provide your agency with the greatest opportunity to deliver your unique expertise and the right coverage at the right price. Your number of insurance leads depends upon available resources to respond quickly and professionally, engaging with leads the moment they show interest.

A quick response will improve your close ratio and the likelihood a prospect becoming a long-term client. Regardless of the quality or quantity debate, the meaningful question is how to capture, organize, and communicate with the individuals or businesses seeking a policy.

Get the stats on customer retention and how it can benefit your agency

Update Your Sales Mindset

The most significant shift you need to make as an agency is to focus on the importance of new business acquisition via better communication.  This is a long-term goal that can be executed on in the short term. Perhaps you’re already there as an owner or agent, but you need to motivate your agents to do the same. Long-term, you’ll need a shift in processes and infrastructure, but in the short term, you need to shift where agents spend their time: communicating with prospects and customers.

Part of long-term thinking is a shift to focus on customer retention and growth rather than exclusively net new business. On-boarding a new customer requires multiple times more resources than growing a current customer through cross-selling, up-selling, or gaining referrals. Communicate the value of service and customer growth to your team to help you stay competitive in the long-run.

Gain insights on how to build up your agency referrals on our blog

Update Your Sales Software

The prospect of adding new software can be the biggest hurdle for an agency. Implementing insurance sales software is an intentional effort to support your growth goals and develop systems to purposefully build new relationships and win new business.

Through the simple implementation of an integrated CRM, your agency can implement more effective and dependable client and prospect communications. Coupled with integrated marketing automation, you’re able to respond faster to inquiries and stay connected consistently.

See more on the software essentials for your agency here

Understand Your Options

Change is difficult for any business, and your agency is no exception. As you move to rethink your sales mindset and systems, there are many paths you can take to get to your goal.

When you’re ready, let the experts at Partner Platform guide you to discover the best insurance sales software options for your agency. Our hands-on team will meet with you to discuss the outcomes you want and provide you with the insurance sales resources and support you need to make those outcomes a reality.

Discover how the Partner Platform team can equip your agency: get in touch to schedule a demo today.

Insurance Agency Software Sales Solutions: What to Look For in 2021

Insurance Agency Software Sales Solutions: What to Look For in 2021

The year 2020 brought transformation across all industries, including insurance. Insurance agency software continues to evolve in response to these transformations, prompting savvy agency owners to update their tools and processes to respond to the needs of 2021.

A recent Chief Executive article pointed out several broad trends within the independent insurance agency: more digital interactions in the sales process, increased focus on digital customer experience, the convergence of sales and marketing, and the need to apply values in a new way.

Ken Branch echoed similar points in a recent PC360 article noting that in 2020 technology became more strategic, staffing and communications shifted to digital, and customer service was heightened in priority.

How can your agency respond to these changes and apply your values in a new digital way?

Discover some of our best insurance agency marketing resources here

1. Upgrade digital interactions

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital shift, and it isn’t going away.  What does that mean for independent insurance agencies?

From both a sales and customer service perspective, independent insurance agency software systems must support more digital interactions. These digital interactions help agencies streamline sales and customer support, including integrating digital tools into your agency management system for one digital agency “ecosystem.” 

Upgraded digital agency sales software includes:

  • Insurance CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Text Messaging
  • Quoting
  • Proposals
  • eSignature

Upgraded digital customer experience software includes:

  • Client Portals
  • Agency Mobile App
  • Agency Website
  • VOIP

See what you need to become a digital insurance agent here

2. Integrate sales and marketing

More digital interaction not only means you need the right digital tools, but you also need to reimagine how you use them. The increased focus on customer experience means you need to know more about your customers. Much of that information comes from your sales and marketing tools which, when integrated, maximize your data stream.

A management system with built-in insurance CRM helps you improve prospect targeting, allows you to segment audiences, and empowers your team to use management system data to initiate conversation in informed ways. For example, you can craft an upsell/cross-sell campaign offering clients with active Auto and Home policies but no Umbrella policy information, emphasizing why they might consider Umbrella and a link to schedule a conversation.

Better coordination like this improves outreach at all levels, including helping you target the appropriate number of calls and emails to reach a prospect without the producer having to do it all manually. Embedded CRM and marketing allow you to schedule and send emails, texts, and letters in bulk while simultaneously prompting producers to call at the appropriate time. This integration of processes increases your effectiveness and decreases time spent.

Learn about the essential sales and marketing data points you need to capture

3. Improve digital customer experience

The move to digital requires new ways to support clients and a rethinking of the customer experience through the digital lens. Ask yourself:

  • How could our agency use technology such as a client portal, agency mobile app, and agency website in a way that enhances our unique relationship with our clients?
  • How do these tools offer our clients ways to conduct business seamlessly in the digital world?
  • Are we giving away that relationship by using generic versus company-branded tools?

Texting with clients has become a commonplace form of digital communication.

  • Do you support texting with your clients?
  • Can you easily document text conversations for E&O purposes?
  • Can you text clients automated policy renewal reminders?

Your quoting and onboarding process can be improved with digital tools as well.

  • How are you using digital proposals & eSignature to improve and streamline the quoting process?
  • Are you sharing proposals with the client in a secure client portal integrated into the agency website?

And you can improve your quality of service through digital systems.

  • How can you use your VOIP phone system with your agency management system to save CSRs time?
  • Do you provide CSRs with pop-up client information when they receive a call?
  • Can CSRs click to call within your agency management system?
  • Do you have easy recording and attaching phone conversations within your system?

These small improvements lead to an overall smoother and more fulfilling customer experience, leading to higher conversion and retention rates.

Read more about digital insurance consumers and what they expect from your agency

4. Find a partner to equip you for 2021 and beyond

Need an experienced partner to help you implement and manage your agency software and digital tools? The Partner Platform team is equipped to bring a top-of-the-line agency management system embedded with powerful tools such as an insurance CRM, marketing automation, client portal, agency mobile app, and agency website into your ecosystem.

Find out more about our offerings and request a demo to see how the Partner Platform system can bring your agency up to speed. Get in touch at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or [email protected].