When it comes to your insurance prospects and customers, there are three main areas to focus on:

  1. Improving ease and speed of service
  2. Personalizing prospect and customer experience
  3. Gaining data for expert advice

Each of these areas answers the question, “what do insurance customers want?”. Are you leveraging the right insurance sales software and processes to respond to these needs?

Improving Ease and Speed of Service

The best way to improve your service is by being accessible and responsive. The two key technologies to make that possible are your agency management system and your website. 

Your agency management system needs to present information quickly and accurately so you can respond to clients and have the right analytics to measure and improve results.  If you need a Ph.D. to pull reports, you may want to reconsider your options. The faster you can interpret your customer data, the faster you can respond to needs.

An often-overlooked service tool, your agency website can be a meaningful communication platform – when set up correctly. Make your site intuitive to navigate and include a client portal that’s integrated with your management system. Client portals are essential in today’s digitized service experience. With a client portal, your customers can view coverage, print insurance cards, and check on claims processing 24/7. That immediate and always accessible service is vital.

Personalizing Prospect and Customer Experience

Prospects and customers now expect personalized service. With an integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), you can gain the data you need to personalize the entire prospect journey and build better relationships with your customers. Reminders to follow-up on tasks to engage with your prospects come with a comprehensive picture of the prospect so you can target each conversation to their individual needs. Timing and content are critical when communicating with a prospect. Good timing with good information improves the probability of a quality conversation, the catalyst for driving new business results.

Marketing Automation adds another level of personalization with custom marketing campaigns that speak to different prospect segments. Each campaign gains information on individual prospects and their segment, allowing you to improve personalization with each message.

Gaining Data for Expert Service

In our recent conversations with Partner Platform agencies, we’ve heard again and again that the need for expert insurance advice is rising and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. To bring that advice, you need better data on your customers. An integrated CRM system is the ideal tool to gain and interpret data.

With that data, you can create expert proposals with the help of an integrated proposal creator. With a proposal creator, you can create a professional proposal in minutes by flooding policy and submission information. This tool is excellent for conducting an account review and offering cross-selling opportunities as well.

Get all the Best Insurance Sales Software in One Place

We know the value of each of these tools because they’re just what our Partner Platform agencies asked for to enhance their sales and marketing experience. See how you can get all these sales and services tools and more in one system – contact us to view a Partner Platform demo today.

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