Data is the new gateway to insurance agency marketing success. And with good reason – according to McKinsey & Company, companies with data collection and analysis processes are 2x as likely to be more profitable than average. Investment in data has far-reaching effects, starting with honing in on effective, high-yield insurance marketing techniques. Some of the critical marketing questions data can answer include:

  1. Who’s in your pipeline?

Get to know the stats around who is in your sales pipeline at each stage. Look at where you have a consistent surge and where you’re woefully low. Your agency should have a steady flow of leads at the start of your sales pipeline and a reliable trickle at various stages throughout the process.

  1. What does your audience look like?

Know demographics (gender, location, etc.) and behaviors of your various audience segments. Use marketing automation data to identify different segments and create buyer personas, and watch each to determine how they act at different stages in the sales cycle. Leverage this data and adapt your insurance marketing strategies accordingly.

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  1. Where are you gaining leads?

And where are you missing them? Pay attention to the avenues that bring in new customers and refine your efforts to leverage that success. Similarly, be aware of lead generation points you’re missing. Identify some of these absent strategies and slowly bring them into your prospecting plan.

  1. Where are leadings converting?

Along with knowing where you’re gaining leads, determine where they’re converting in your pipeline. Utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to track these leads, including which agent interacted with them and methods used at each stage. This data allows you to match the right lead nurturing techniques with each persona for higher conversion and increased sales.

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  1. What is your retention rate?

Along with lead generation and conversion, you also need data on your current customers. Get info on the percentage of customers you retain each year and how long customers remain with your agency. This data helps you prepare for the future by adjusting to tackle low retention rates and making profit projections when assessing your agency’s worth.

  1. What are people saying about you?

This final bit of data revolves around prospect and customer perception. And perception is a vital element in predicting your success. Salesforce found 80% of customers say they value the experience a company provides just as much as its products and services. What kind of experience are you providing for your customers? Gather data on what people are saying on social media, on review sites like Yelp! and Google, and other places to determine what people think and whether you need to change that perception.

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Gather the Data You Need with Partner Platform


The more ways you can connect with prospects and customers, the more data you can gather and analyze for insurance marketing success. That’s why we’ve added tools like our Client Portal, Agency-Branded Mobile App, Marketing Automation Manager, and Producer Results Manager CRM to give constituents the support they need while capturing relevant data on the customer experience.

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