Almost 75% of the world’s internet users aged 16 to 64 buy something online each month. And, according to Forbes, more than half will make that purchase on a mobile device.

Customer expectations and needs are evolving rapidly, and insurance executives are taking notice. Deloitte found 45% of EMEA insurance executives interviewed saw “rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations” as their top challenge over the next three years.  Is your agency equipped to feed this digital insurance transformation?

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How Can Your Agency Adapt to Changing Customer Demands?

There are a few strategies and tools your agency needs to meet new customer demands. Still, each hit on three core factors: get to know your customers, personalize your service, and make it easy for customers to connect with your agency.

Getting to know customers and their personal preferences goes a long way. Tools like marketing automation and a CRM provide a wealth of data and analytics on customer interactions, giving your team the information you need to build customer profiles. These tools also allow you to understand each customer or prospect on a personal level so you can tailor your service to their needs.

Service personalization is not just helpful; it’s now expected. A recent report showed that almost 70% of customers expect a personalized experience. Tools like a mobile app and client portal make it easy for your agency to adapt to each customer’s agency interactions to their preferences. Marketing automation and a CRM are helpful here, too, to gain the data you need to pinpoint preferences and track how customers react to your changes.

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Ease of communication has always been important, but what is considered easy has changed. Up to 80% of customers told HubSpot they expect a response to their social media requests within 24 hours. That’s just to respond to an issue sent via social media – imagine what expectations are for customers directly engaged with your agency about a problem or an intent to purchase!

Make it easy for your team to stay engaged with customers with integrated communication, like texting and email, and with other tools like a client portal or agency mobile app. Each of these tools not only increases your ability to respond quickly and comprehensively, but they also reduce E&O by keeping a record of all agency communications.

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All the Digital Tools You Need in One Place

Get all the agency tools you need to serve increasing customer demands with the Partner Platform management system suite. This all-in-one system integrates a robust agency management system, Producer Results Manager CRM, Marketing Automaton Manager, integrated texting and email, and a multi-faced digital experience with Partner Connect.

The Partner Connect arm of the Partner Platform system includes an agency-branded Client Portal, Mobile App, and custom website to help your agency extend digital relationships and better your service. Find out more about our digital experience and other must-have agency support – get in touch at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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