There is more to building and maintaining insurance customer relationships than meets the eye. While there is no substitute for personally connecting, the way your agency communicates with and about customers can be a big factor in gaining and keeping business. These steps can help get you in the right direction.

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Step 1: Standardize Workflows and Messaging

How your agency receives information and what you do with it shapes your customer relationships. Start by auditing how information is being received and shared. This means knowing how agents are taking in and recording information and how they’re following up.

Methods will vary depending on the customer. New customers will respond to a slow drip of contact. Current customers may want more, looking for longer conversations on resources to help them maximize their savings and coverage. Ensure you have procedures in place to respond to varying needs, keeping the conversation going at a pace comfortable for your customers.

Step 2: Know Your Strong Suits

Why do your customer choose to do business with you? It’s important to ask this question and keep the answers at the heart of the business relationship. Take the opportunity to connect with your customer and ask for feedback on what you’re doing well and how you can improve their experience. If you can, reach out with a phone call. A personal conversation means a lot and will set you apart from other businesses.

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Step 3: Keep an Updated Pipeline

Part of your refined workflow procedures should be maintaining current data on prospective customers and the value they could bring to your agency. Now that you know your strong suits, you can target prospects that fit what you’re selling and align with your culture. This keeps them sticky for many years.

Once you’ve identified prospects, know when their policies are up for renewal. When the time comes, send them information on how you can improve their insurance experience. Showing up at the right time with the right information will make all the difference.

Step 4: Get the Right System

Once you know what you need for receiving, recording, and sharing information among your team, assess whether your management system has what you need. Find a system that will adapt to your workflows and make it easy for you to capture customer information. Look for a system that has the ability to add on later. No need for too many bells and whistles right away, especially if you never use them.

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Finding the right system can be the toughest part for many agencies. Too often I hear agencies saying they have a mountain of features they don’t know how to use or they’re fed up with workarounds to make a system function as they need. It’s gratifying to be able to offer these agencies exactly what they want in our Partner XE management system.

Personalized workflows, Outlook integration to track customer engagement, and mobile access to easily add new prospect information on-the-go are just a few of the capabilities offered in Partner XE. To find out more about Partner XE and SIS, the team behind the system, visit us at https://sispartnerplatform.com or get in touch with one of our team members today!

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