Part of what makes our Partner Platform agency management system and insurance CRM so robust is the partnerships we foster with insurance tech companies. Our Partner Allies specialize in their arenas, from esignatures to comparative rating and more, each Partner Ally hones their technology to serve agency needs.

Our Partnership with Exago and Exago BI

Today we highlight our longstanding partner, Exago. Exago specializes in building and delivering customized business insights with intuitive reporting and dashboards that anyone can use. After designing and implementing our own BI ad hoc reporting system, we found it too cumbersome and confusing for our Partner Platform agencies. Acting on our spirit of innovation and efficiency, the team knew it was time to look for an expert to work with and for our community.

Enter Exago and their Exago BI solution. They offered canned templates to make available in Partner Platform user libraries and allow users to adjust reports and dashboards in real-time as needed. Plus, Partner Platform users can create ad hoc, highly customized reporting and dashboards from scratch.

What Exago BI Brings to Partner Platform Agencies

In our search for a business insights tool, we knew we needed something that would adapt to our Partner Platform agencies’ unique needs. In Exago BI, we found a system that was:

  • Flexible with canned and ad hoc reporting and dashboard abilities
  • Easy to use so employees of all levels of tech and business understanding could create, manipulate, and read information
  • Web-based to integrate seamlessly with Partner Platform’s cloud-based system
  • Customizable to fit the varying needs of agencies of any size

Exago BI checked all the boxes. Plus, the people at Exago mirror the SIS and Partner Platform team: imaginative, resourceful, client-focused, and community-oriented. SIS CEO Alex Deak said it best:

When we decided to start our search for a business insights integration, we knew we were looking for a partner, not just a solution. After meeting with several different companies, Exago stood out. Everyone we met with had enthusiasm and drive. They were client-driven and relentless in finding the best solutions. Not only is their BI tool powerful and offers great features, but their people match its excellence. We’re happy with our partnership and look forward to success for years to come.

Learn More About Our Partnerships

The ingenuity and utility of Exago’s BI system are part of what makes the system a great fit for SIS and our Partner Platform agencies. The other part is the common culture we share. As Mike Brody, President & CEO at Exago, said:

SIS shares our client-first approach to product development, and it’s made them an ideal partner. We strive to provide the most user-friendly, self-service BI and reporting solution on the market, and that wouldn’t be possible without engaged clients like SIS. They’re always forthcoming with feedback and insight into their use cases. We look forward to a continued partnership.

Exago is an example of just one of the great companies we partner with here at SIS. These tech relationships are more than integrations with our Partner Platform system – they’re commitments from like-minded companies with diverse strengths working to serve mutual clients.

You can find out more about our Partner Allies, tech integration partners, and our other technology partnerships on our website here. And, you can read about our commitment to security with all our technology partners on sispartnerplatform.com.

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