Your agency management system is among the most critical pieces of technology you use for your insurance software. Every day you rely on your agency management system to create certificates, write new business, and process claims, among other essential functions.

With such a valuable piece of technology, you want more than just a vendor or provider for your agency management system. You need a partner – a partner who focuses on long-term, mutual success. That’s what we are for our Partner Platform agencies – someone in the trenches with them and working for them to make their business run smoother.

We often check in with our Partner Platform agencies to determine what it is about SIS and Partner Platform that they value. Our client stories share various reasons – from service to technology to accessibility – but there are two that stand out: relationship and innovation.

Building Relationship from Day One

The loudest feedback we hear from our Partner Platform agencies is that they value the relationship they have with our team. That relationship starts from day one and continues indefinitely. Our team builds on that relationship, growing trust and confidence at every stage.

The Evaluation Phase (pre-customer)

  • Clear, direct communication with targeted contacts who stay with agencies throughout their decision journey
  • Individualized meetings with each person in the agency, covering what they need to know to feel confident to make the big move to a new system

The Transition and Go-Live Phase

  • Constant communication up to and through the day of transition, defining timelines and what to expect, eliminating surprises
  • Custom learning events before and after go-live with interactive Q&A to share knowledge across the agency
  • Personalized approach – while we’ve done hundreds of implementations, and there are similarities, we know no two are the same
  • Always-accessible support during go-live for questions, support, and problem-solving as needed

Post-Implementation Training Phase

  • On-site, personalized training to address real-life scenarios as they come up
  • Focus on gaining feedback and understanding how to improve training with each transition
  • Online videos and setp-by-step tutorials to supplement in-person support, accessible online anytime

On-Going Support

  • Responsive, comprehensive support at all times
  • Regular touch-points with account managers, via regional and national meetings, and in monthly informational webinars
  • Going beyond answering questions to solving the problem, dedicating all the time needed to resolve issues fully

These points throughout an agency’s experience are what make the difference. Everything looks good in a product demo, but what happens after is what matters. What if you need to make unanticipated changes or want something added to fit your business workflows? That’s where our agencies rely on our innovation.

Committing to Continual Innovation

Technology isn’t static, nor is the insurance industry. We value innovation to keep our team nimble and proactive. And we strive for collaborative innovation, from the macro-level helping agencies compete to the micro-level improving productivity through reducing clicks.

Some of our most notable innovative strategies include:

For us, being a true partner means keeping this collaboration and innovation alive every day. And it’s something we know our Partner Platform agencies value above all else.

Hear directly from our Partner Platform agencies on our client stories page, or get in touch with us to set up a demo and see for yourself.

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