In these uncertain times of the COVID 19 novel coronavirus, community is more meaningful than ever. SIS CEO Alex Deak shares about the SIS Partner Platform community partners: from tech to industry organizations to regional groups, we’re committed to connecting for collaboration, innovation, and support.

At SIS, Partner is who we are, and Community is how we work.

That’s been our philosophy from the start, and our best partners share that sentiment. We enjoy working with our Partner Platform agencies on what they need, and we collaborate with our service-oriented partners to deliver the most complete solution.

See the full list of our industry partners here

Our Recent Partner Connections: Tech Integrations and Remote Work Webinars

Tech collaborations are at the forefront of our partnerships these days, and the recent surge in need for technological solutions in the industry prompted our partners to step up to the plate.

Recently, we added to our ever-growing list of tech partnerships, increasing capabilities for Partner Platform, and in turn, adding value to our Partner Platform agencies. From Formstack Sign and Rpost esignature integrations to Rocket Referrals’ marketing solutions, we’re pleased to see our list of technologies continue to expand.

Check out our full technology partners list here

Amid the recent global pandemic, two of our partners stepped up to educate our agencies on remote work transitions. Brad Ruben of Archway Computer and Mary Belka of Eisenhart Consulting delved deep into how to move agencies to work-from-home while maintaining security and proper E&O protection. Thanks to their guidance, we’re confident our agency community has the tools to stay safe, secure, and compliant, all while continuing to operate and serve their customers.

Get links to Mary’s and Brad’s presentations here

Joining the SIS Partner Platform Community

We’re proud to have multiple ways for agencies and businesses to connect with our growing community. Our Partner Platform Community Board includes individuals from some of the leading industry networks and is always working to grow our connections through their years of experience in the industry.

One of our fastest-growing community areas are our Partner Platform Community Groups: areas throughout the country with concentrations of Partner Platform agencies who meet and collaborate to better their individual businesses. We regularly host Regional Learning events with these groups and other Associations in an attempt to grow connections and empower individuals to educate their team.

Want to get a Partner Platform Community Group going in your areas? Get in touch to find out more about how we can bring our Partner Platform community to you.

Keep connected and keep growing.



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