On a global scale, 2020 has been extremely challenging. The crises of this year have impacted each of us at a personal level.  Whether it’s the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, an unstable economy, or divisive politics, we all had to sort our way through this year in unique circumstances. But we have all gotten through it – thanks to enduring support.

As we at Strategic Insurance Software recently wrapped our 2020 Partner Platform Community National Learning Event, I’m reflecting with gratitude on the support systems we’ve built and maintained. Though we never thought they would be tested in this way, we knew such support systems are essential to our business and our community.

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Grateful for Our Partner Platform Support System

Building and growing a company and a product requires vision, adaptation, perseverance, skill – some breaks along the way – and great people.  One of the lessons I welcome is the constant reminder of the quality of agencies we get to call clients and the quality of associates we get to call team.  I’m grateful for all independent insurance agencies who helped create this industry and shape the technology that exists.

Without this generation of agency owners, none of us would be here today. Carriers, technology companies, and consultants are all built on the backs of the independent agent. This will continue as the industry evolves, and new owners with new ideas take leadership roles.

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We are thankful for this enduring support system devoted to the independent agent, which we continue to fortify through initiatives like:

  • Our Partner Platform Regional Learning clusters
  • Full-service implementation and conversion support, setting agencies up with the resources they needed internally and with the Partner Platform team to know how to use the system
  • Direct connection with our Partner Platform independent agencies for insider input on how to improve our system
  • Personal support to agencies to walk them through any issue
  • Committed internal team support, collaborating to reach creative solutions to challenges

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Thank You for Your Support

When I speak with clients, they often share how much they enjoy and appreciate their relationships with various members of the Partner Platform team.  That constant reminder is always welcome and reinforces a culture of support in every interaction. 

I’m grateful for each unique individual I call teammate who believes in these values of support, collaboration, and innovation and integrates them into their beliefs about themselves and our clients.  

Thank you, Partner Platform Community, and thank you, team. 

Get to know more about our great clients and the Partner Platform community at sisparterplatform.com

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