Our Partner Platform agencies, like so many others across the world, have been forced to embrace agency-wide remote work, sometimes with days’ or hours’ notice. As we adjust to this surprise shift, we turned to our trusted partners for help. See below for two guest webinars from Strategic Insurance Software partners Brad Reuben of Archway Computer and Mary Belka of Eisenhart Consulting.

Security & Effectiveness when Working Remotely: Brad Ruben

Hear from IT specialist Brad Ruben, President of Archway Computer on how to keep your agency operations safe when working from home. Brad has provided security and support for independent insurance agencies for over 35 years and currently supports 130 agency offices with 4,000+ desktops. 

In this webinar, Brad addresses work from home security concerns, offering tips on how to work remotely, securely, and effectively. He covers issues like:

  • Best practices for setting up your home office
  • Recommendations on products to increase efficiency and security
  • How to protect your agency from phishing and other cyber attacks
  • What to do to keep employees and clients safe and connected

Watch the full webinar recording by clicking the thumbnail above or access it here.

Maintaining E&O Compliance when Working from Home: Mary Belka

Mary Belka, owner of Eisenhart Consulting, is an E&O auditor with 40+ years’ experience helping agencies improve every aspect of their operation. From strategic planning to hiring and workflows, Mary has put her expertise to use to improve agency operations and boost E&O protection.

In her presentation, Mary covered the range of issues agencies face in a work-from-home situation. She shared her insight on topics such as:

  • Preparing your agency and clients for remote access
  • Continuing internal and external communication and best practices
  • Keeping employees safe and healthy
  • Serving client needs and adapting to changing coverage concerns

View the webinar recording by clicking the thumbnail above or access it here.

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