Find Your Agency Management System with Our Latest eGuide

Find Your Agency Management System with Our Latest eGuide

Do the above Google searches sound familiar? If you’re in the market to find a new agency management system, the volume of choices can make a decision seem impossible. Some are stuffed with capabilities, while others promise too-good-to-be-true pricing. In the end, what are your priorities?

Our latest eGuide,  9 Things to Look For in an Agency Management System, addresses these management system search anxieties. The guide outlines key features to maximize your workflow and processes, facilitating peak agency performance.  We also delve into provider qualities, helping you find a partner focused on your agency’s innovation and growth.

Download the eGuide here.

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Prospecting 101 – Leveraging Your Agency Management System

Prospecting 101 – Leveraging Your Agency Management System

Statistics don’t lie: speed and consistency are critical to success when it comes to prospecting for new business.

Yet, quick follow up and steady communication can be tricky. Sales reps rely on full-service CRM and marketing automation tools—neither of which is practical for the average independent insurance agency. (more…)

Leading Michigan Independent Agency Provides Real Insurance Solutions with Partner XE

Our clients told us we have an uncanny ability to help them identify risks and develop excellent insurance solutions…(Our) name reflects what we do: see our individual client’s needs and provide solutions. –Max Van Wyk, Founder, Van Wyk Risk Solutions

van-wykMax and Alison Van Wyk have a singular focus: provide personalized, real solutions for their customers. Along with excellent service, Max and Alison strive to encourage customer growth. With this in mind, the two plan to double agency business over the next five years. To meet this aggressive goal they needed a partner that would work with and for them, the way they do for their customers.

In 2014, Max received an email introducing the latest version of Partner XE. The intuitive design drew him in, and conversations with the SIS team solidified the partnership. Both Max and Alison saw in SIS the same focus on building customer relationships, establishing trust, and collaborating for continued growth.

When Max and Alison sat down with us, we talked business, community, management system functionality and how Partner XE and SIS rose above the rest. Read our conversation here. Want to know more? Check out other SIS client experiences on our client stories page.