Have “The Talk” – Signs Its Time to Leave Your Agency Management System [eGuide]

16_05_sis_breakup_eguide_thumbnailYou know when a relationship just isn’t working. You’re miserable. They’re not listening. It’s time to confront the problems or move on.

An agency’s relationship with their management system is no different. Our latest eGuide It’s Not Me, It’s You: Signs It’s Time to Let Your Agency Management System Go focuses on the signs it’s time to change your agency management system.


Digital Marketing on a Budget Whitepaper Now Available

Digital Marketing on a Budget pamphletA recent SIS survey revealed 54% of agencies are “neutral” on how they view their marketing success. “Some days we see results, some days we don’t. Overall, we’re unsure of our success,” many reported. This kind of vagueness is unsettling—how can an agency improve its marketing efforts without a clear picture of its current status?

To add to the problem, 66% of agencies budget only 1-5% for marketing[1].