Digital insurance is the future. According to Reuters, over $10 billion were invested in digital insurance technology in the first nine months of 2021 alone.

But, a rise in digital insurance tech use doesn’t mean a decline in demand for people in the industry. J.D. Power found that agencies that increased their “digital offerings” didn’t necessarily see a boost in customer satisfaction. While customers value the speed and efficiency digital tools offer, they also need that human connection.

Human Experts Matter

Almost half of insurance customers say they place “a lot of trust in a human advisor” when filing a claim. Only 12% said they trusted automated services in the same circumstances. When it comes to such emotionally charged services, customers want to speak to someone who can relate to them and provide expert advice specific to their case.

The expertise element of those interactions matters, too. Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service found that 35% of customers said “an agent’s lack of knowledge was the most frustrating” element of their agency’s service. The same survey found that 90% of customers place “a high value on the quality of customer service” they receive. While talking to a real person is valuable, that person must also be knowledgeable.

Whether a customer is submitting a major claim, finding the best coverage for a new home or business, or gaining insurance coverage for the first time, automation can only take them so far. In these cases, and many others, customers feel more at ease and confident talking with someone who can navigate outside an automated path. These are sometimes scary or confusing moments for your customers, and a chatbot or app can’t provide the comfort and care required to address their needs appropriately.

Your Team’s Training Matters

Your agency team needs to regularly engage in training and continued education to meet and exceed expectations. Keep yourself prepared by:

  • Providing Mentorship: New hires and younger agents are still building their expertise. Help them prepare by providing mentorship from more tenured agents.
  • Publicizing Your Expertise: Make it known that you know what you’re doing in your community. Hold webinars, host info sessions with local businesses, and offer free consultations to spread awareness of your ability to help individuals navigate complex situations.
  • Leveraging Technology: Yes, technology should remain part of your customer service. Use tech to help in processing small claims and routine coverages so you can put time and energy into cases that need a human touch.

Continue to Grow in Your Expertise with Partner Platform

We’ve heard from dozens of our agencies and partners about the value of expertise and how it will set independent agencies apart in the future. That’s why we invest in the technology and training needed to keep our Partner Platform agencies more than prepared.

Our Partner Platform Community offers regular opportunities for training and learning through monthly webinars, Regional Learning sessions, and targeted Producer’s Schools and Account Manager School sessions.

Hear from our agency partners about how the Partner Platform system and community continue to support their agency’s growth. And get in touch to start the conversation about how to equip your agency for the future. Request a demo here to get started today.

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