Working Remotely, Working Securing Protect Your Agency with These Work-from-Home Webinars from Strategic Insurance Software

Working Remotely, Working Securing Protect Your Agency with These Work-from-Home Webinars from Strategic Insurance Software

Our Partner Platform agencies, like so many others across the world, have been forced to embrace agency-wide remote work, sometimes with days’ or hours’ notice. As we adjust to this surprise shift, we turned to our trusted partners for help. See below for two guest webinars from Strategic Insurance Software partners Brad Reuben of Archway Computer and Mary Belka of Eisenhart Consulting.

Maine Agency Reflects on the Power of Personalization

Maine Agency Reflects on the Power of Personalization

The Thayer family has been running Batchelder Brothers Insurance in Sanford, ME for more than 140 years and counting. With history like that, the family-run business has become a cornerstone in the small town. “Our agency is committed to showing the people in this town that we care by protecting their interests, families, and businesses,” owner Andrew Thayer said of the agency. And it’s that care that attracted him to SIS and the Partner XE agency management system.


What Words Define Your Agency Management System?

What Words Define Your Agency Management System?

Quick – what words come to mind when you think of your agency management system?

Familiar? Tolerable? “There”?

If such a lack-luster description defines this integral part of your agency, it’s time to reevaluate why you stay.

We asked clients to describe their old system….

“I never felt comfortable…and it got more expensive by the day…It was obvious their only motive was getting us to spend more money.”

“It seemed like it took 20 clicks before an action could be completed. The program was loaded with bells and whistles (and flawed basic functions). We were paying a lot of money for an inefficient program!”

“It felt like you entered a massive switchboard and hit eight different numbers before talking to someone….They seldom acted on our requests and if they did it was very time-consuming.”

“If you ever had issues with (our previous system), good luck getting someone to call you and fix it. It was very cumbersome and the number of clicks it took to get anything done was obscene.”

Sound familiar?

These agencies knew they didn’t have to put up with high prices, poor service and an overbuilt, inefficient management system. You don’t have to either.

Challenge the status quo with Strategic Insurance Systems and Partner XE

“It’s twice the system, and the personnel are twice as responsive as our old provider. Transition was easy too — no headache, no regrets.” – Pat Hull, Jacobs-Weber Insurance

“The service is head and shoulders above what we experienced with our old provider.  It’s unbelievable how willing they are to respond and adapt to support us as an agency.” – Chad Van Camp, Family Insurance Center

“With SIS, I always get the feeling that they want to do whatever they can to make the system user-friendly…I think that their goal every day is to make Partner XE  the best system it possibly can be.” – Leslie Huesman, Huesman Insurance Group

“SIS has showed me that my concerns are important to them… I have showed them a number of things. The difference between them and (my old provider) is that at SIS they were excited to see this stuff… to see how they can incorporate it.”  – Steven Kramer, Kramer Insurance Center

“They don’t only resolve/answer the issue at hand, but they think long term and try to prevent or resolve long term issues as well.” – Marla Hutchings, Neal Dastrup Insurance

Ready to demand more?

Find out what it’s costing you to stay with an underperforming system. Access our Management System ROI Calculator and get in touch with the SIS team today. You can reach us at s800.747.7005, Option 6 or sales@sisware.com

Why One Agency Keeps Choosing Partner XE

When he bought Berndt and Murfin Insurance Agency back in 2006, Dan Cassidy was introduced to an early version of Partner XE, SEMCI Partner. As he continued acquiring agencies – six over the past ten years – he also continued to choose Partner XE and Strategic Insurance Software.

“It just keeps getting better,” Dan said of the system, noting features like integrated agency accounting and commercial lines download. Dan also named SIS’s forethought and attention to client needs as integral with each acquisition. “It’s always a little shaky at first,” Dan commented of the transition process, “But we get through it because of the SIS staff. They are always onsite to help us out, and that’s key.”

Read more to hear Dan’s comments on:

  • Ease of use and streamlined workflows
  • Benefits of integrated accounting
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Enduring partnership with SIS
  • And more!

Read the full interview on our client stories page.

Partner XE users continue to shape the future of the system through workgroups, surveys, regional learnings and more. Get in touch to find out about this rapidly growing community.