Independent insurance agencies are starting to feel the heat. Though independent agencies provide a level of personalized service and care big names never can, insurtech’s sophisticated insurance software is beginning to bridge the gap.

According to experts at PropertyCasualty360, “With increased competition from insurtechs and rising labor costs, in order to stay competitive, companies need to…provide a seamless omnichannel experience.” That means broadening how you’re serving your customers, keeping up with evolving customer demands.

Do you have the right insurance software to meet these growing customer needs?

Customers Want Options

No one piece of insurance software will meet all your customer’s needs. That’s because one of the most prominent customer trends is an increase in demand for options. A Smart Communications’ report found that over 80% of customers wanted multiple digital outreach options. Respondents cited email, app-driven notifications, and in-app messaging as just a few of their preferred communication methods.

Each of your customers is unique, and you need to find ways to serve their needs. That means diversifying how they can get in touch with you and how you communicate with them, too. Offer a variety of ways, including email, texting, and app messaging, among others.

Another important factor in offering variety is understanding each customers’ preferences. Utilize marketing automation to allow customers to set their contact preferences, including how they want to be contacted and the best times to get in touch.

Customers Want 24/7 Availability

While it may seem overwhelming, giving your customers 24/7 access to your services without losing any sleep is possible. Your customers don’t necessarily want to be in contact with you at all times, but they do expect to be able to access services or send a message at any hour. Online portals and apps are ideal for granting this 24/7 access, allowing customers to see what’s happening in their accounts and get answers to FAQs at any time. That’s one of the reasons we offer agency-branded options for Partner Platform agencies to build their own app and portal.

Another element to consider is if a customer sends a message, they want acknowledgment that the message was received. Again, that doesn’t mean you need to be up all night to reply. Marketing automation is great for automatically responding to any message you receive and tailoring it depending on why the person reached out.

Customers Want Quick Turnaround

Expectations on response time have shortened significantly over the past few years. Most customers expect a response in hours and aren’t happy with anything that takes more than a day. That doesn’t mean you need to resolve an issue in that short amount of time, but you do need to keep the customer updated frequently.

Chatbots or other self-service interactive features can speed up responses and resolutions by routing customers to solve their issues independently or get connected with the right person, fast. You can improve your resolution and response time by gathering data on call volumes. Use that data to determine if there are certain times of day, days of the week, or times of the year when you need more or fewer agents available to resolve issues.

Customers Want Hands-On, Personalized Service

Insurance software can serve many of your customer’s needs, but customers still want personal service from real people when it comes to a complex or emotionally-charged issue. Customers choose independent agencies for that personal service and enhanced expertise.

Some issues demand personal attention, and you need to give it when needed. All the above tools can help your team be more available for these intensive needs. When you’re able to process routine claims and policy updates instantly with automation, you free up your agents to address issues that require time and attention.

Customers Want What Partner Platform Offers

Our Partner Platform agency management suite brings the efficiency, options, and personalized care your customers demand.

We offer multiple communication options like integrated texting and email, self-service portals, and branded apps, among others. Plus, our connections with our growing Partner Allies mean more opportunities for you to understand your customers and provide personalized service.  

See all our features and understand how the Partner Platform system can help you better serve your customers and grow your agency. Get in touch with us at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or [email protected] to view a demo today.

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