Statistics don’t lie: speed and consistency are critical to success when it comes to prospecting for new business.

Yet, quick follow up and steady communication can be tricky. Sales reps rely on full-service CRM and marketing automation tools—neither of which is practical for the average independent insurance agency.

What if you already had the prospecting tool you needed?[bctt tweet=”What if you already had the prospecting tool you needed?” via=”no”]

Chances are, you do. Your agency management system is the Swiss army knife of your agency. It can keep track of your accounting, organize customer information, track commissions, and help your prospecting. Features like notes, email integration, and mobile access can help you track lead progress and keep you in contact, boosting your conversion rate.

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Agency Management System Prospecting Tools

Immediate contact and persistent connection are the forces that move a prospect to a customer. Your agency management system can help you connect and set a cadence for regular interaction. Key tools include:

Mobile Access

Immediately address prospect needs and answer questions with mobile agency management system access. Quick response builds your prospect relationship. Plus, mobile access allows you to view and update prospect information in real time, ensuring you are prepared for each contact no matter where or when it happens.


Use your system to keep detailed notes of the “what” and “when” of your touches. You can then use these notes in your next meeting, helping you build a relationship by showing you listened.

Email Integration

Respond quickly through your management system and automatically attach messages to a prospect profile with email integration. This time-saving step gives you the competitive edge on staying in touch.

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Calendar Reminders

Set contact reminders, spacing out your touches without losing momentum. Use reminders to follow up on opportunities lost to competitors, connecting with them as their policy expires.

Personalized Desktops

Customize your management system home screen to show critical prospect profiles, keeping them at the top of your mind. Add calendar reminders, too, to maintain momentum in your contact cadence.

More Prospecting Tips

Don’t forget about current customers. Use the above tools to track new opportunities, noting car/home purchases, changes in business, additions to the family, upcoming retirements, and other potential policy-changing events.

Prospecting is a tough job – 55% of respondents to National Underwriter’s Independent Producer Study named it as their most difficult tasks. A high-quality management system and supportive provider can make this tough job a little easier.

At SIS, we continue to challenge the status quo, adapting our Partner XE agency management system to help our clients write more business. Find out more by contacting us at sales@sisware.com or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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