The year 2020 was unique in many ways, one of which was how the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of technology across industries. This was just the beginning. We continue to see insurance software emerge as a decisive factor among agencies. Many of our independent agencies identify understanding and embracing tech as critical for survival and growth for small to medium-sized agencies.

So, to prepare our agency clients, we look forward and ask: what does the future of insurance software hold?

An Agency Management System that Can Grow

Gathering, analyzing, and storing prospect and customer data is essential for the future of insurance. Your agency management system is your data hub, and it needs to keep up with expanding data use. Successful agencies will have a management system that evolves with the changing market without interrupting daily service. Modern agency management systems need to live in the cloud, have regular updates, and focus on security to help your agency stay data-forward.

Systems that Work Together

The future of insurance software is systems that work together without you having to lift a finger. Integrated accounting, email, texting, quoting, and other systems save time and improve data processing. As system integration continues to improve, agencies that utilize their management system as a proper “system of record,” flooding data to and from other necessary systems without duplicate entry, will get ahead. 

Intelligent Reporting

Data reporting and analytics are just as important as storage and integration. As analytics improves, agencies will be able to conduct the type of analyses that large carriers do today. With quality, customizable reporting, your agency can improve lead qualification and identify more ways to grow your current book of business. Analytics can also help improve your customer service, identifying areas of specific need so you can devote resources to address them.

Digital Sales and Marketing

The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA)’s Independent Insurance Agent Survey found that over 64% of respondents said it’s “Very or Extremely Important” that their partners provide marketing and sales support. These agencies recognize that digitized sales and marketing are now essential for success. That doesn’t mean other marketing forms should go out the window; it simply means you need to diversify your efforts. A quality website, marketing automation to send targeted messaging, and a CRM to track individual sales journeys should all be in your agency sales and marketing toolbelt.

Personalized Customer Service

While your team can provide personalized service to a certain number of customers, it’s difficult for them to keep up once you hit hundreds or more. Digital customer service can help you provide that all-important personal service without your staff needing to work 24/7. Client portals are now expected among millennial and Gen Z insurance customers, giving them access to their plan information and the ability to update information and print insurance cards anytime. Texting is another quality tool that puts customers in direct connection with agents when needed, giving them the immediate, personal attention they expect.

Stay on Top of Insurance Software with Partner Platform and SIS

Our SIS team knows the value of identifying and investing in insurance technology. We work alongside our Partner Platform agencies and specialized tech partnerships to understand emerging needs in the industry before they become essential. Our Partner Platform integrations and updates are focused and beta tested, so they’re ready for our agencies to use immediately.

Our goal is to keep growing with and for our agencies for years and decades to come. Find out more about our capabilities, Partner Platform community, and proprietary tech partnerships at sispartnerplatform.com.

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