This year continued a trend of technology’s growing influence in the insurance market and all industries at large. We saw a shift where more clients embraced agency software and integrated it into their regular systems and processes. This growing interest and influence prompted our Partner Platform and SIS teams to ramp up our tech focus, including several blog posts on this highly relevant topic.


Leveraging technology to gain and analyze data was one of the hottest topics of the last few years. As competition in the insurance market increases, agencies need ways to set themselves apart. Our industry partners and clients alike told us that data is the key to differentiation. It improves lead targeting to increase close rates, streamlines claims processes, and is essential to service personalization, a must-have for all industries today.

Some of our top data posts of the year include:

Cyber Security

With more data sent and stored, your agency is open to more risk. Malware attacks increased by 358% in 2020 alone. Agencies need to pay attention to how they’re handling and storing data, ensuring they have the best measures in place to protect it. Our experts spent time on this critical topic in posts like:

Customer Service

Customer service expectations took a massive leap in 2020 and 2021. Customers now expect more personalization, quicker transactions, and more ways to get answers and implement changes independently. We looked at the many ways expectations changed through our posts this past year. A few of the top ones include:

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are always a challenge for growing agencies, but new customer expectations and the explosion of digital service in the past few years have added a new level. Depending on the agency, these changes could increase or decrease the sales and marketing challenge. We hope to make these customer expectations and tech advances an asset to your outreach with these posts:

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