Download E-GuideIn many ways, email usage has become unavoidable in independent insurance agencies. It is the fastest, most efficient way to communicate, but with literally hundreds of emails coming in each day, email is now wasting our time and draining productivity.

All is not lost! Just by integrating some simple habits, you can keep your inbox clean and your staff on task. In our latest eGuide, we look at how you can bring email back to its efficient and effective roots. We’ll explore how to:

  • Increase productivity with simple tips
  • Stay on task by integrating new email habits
  • Protect your inbox from unwanted messages
  • Use Outlook to speed up your agency’s processes

We hope you find these tips and tools helpful, and guarantee they’ll bring your agency to a whole new level of productivity.

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We add new eGuides monthly, and would love to hear your suggestions on topics that are important to you. Contact us to share your thoughts!

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