Why independent insurance agents need to “eat the frog”

and other self-management tips

As an independent insurance agent, do you ever feel like you’re on the hamster wheel?  Do distracting email pop up messages, buzzing cell phones, random texts,tightly scheduled appointments and an overloaded inbox keep you from knocking things off your to-do list until well after normal business hours?  If so, Christin Myers, Beyond Insurance blog post, Manage Yourself. Not your Time is a must read.

Nothing she says is earth shattering, but once in awhile it’s good to see common sense put down in black and white.

Her tips?

  • Keep a next actions list
  • Know how long tasks take
  • Set a date
  • Focus
  • Eat the Frog ( Huh?? – we’d explain it here, but really, it’s better if you just read her full post.)

The good news for independent insurance agents using SIS’ Partner XE agency management system is that they have the tools at hand already to start implementing a lot of Myers’ tips.  Notes, To-Do Lists and Messages are an excellent tool to help prioritize activities across the agency. As for the frog? You’ll have to handle him on your own.

About SIS: SIS is the company behind Partner XE, an innovative, scalable and easy-to-use web based agency management system designed for one simple reason—to help independent agents grow their business. Want to learn more?


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