As an independent insurance agency owner, you know the importance and value of creating good relationships— with your clients, with community members, and with your business partners. It is relationships like these that make your agency what it is and help it grow and improve. While each of these connections is valuable, it’s also important to connect these individuals with each other and your agency.

Forming communities from these separate relationships brings benefits to both you and these communities. Such connections create a positive feeling, thus growing your agency brand. Also, these community groups create space for members to share ideas and ask questions, leading to innovation and improvement all around.

The key communities your agency should concentrate on growing and connecting are your clients and partners/suppliers. Each community needs a different level of care and support, but both share a common need to communicate regularly with each other and with you. Some great ways to connect are:

  • Online forums where individuals can ask questions, give advice, and hear directly from your agency
  • Social media accounts to create space for ongoing conversations between you, your clients, and your partners/Suppliers
  • Regular meetings to connect people in person and help put a face to your agency
  • Social gatherings for a more relaxed way to network and foster connections
  • Local workgroups formed in areas with a high concentration of your clients or partners
  • Community surveys to gain feedback, and open communication between your agency and your partners/clients

Creating these communities is an important part of your success as an independent insurance agency. We at SIS know the value of such community spaces, which is why we strive to foster communication and collaboration with our staff and Partner XE users alike. Our NASPA user group helps Partner XE users connect, and its national and regional conferences provide space for getting together to learn, share, and improve. It is this regular meeting and connecting that fosters a community atmosphere among our customers.

To find out more about NASPA, the Partner XE community, and how Partner XE can help you create a community of clients, contact us at [email protected].

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