We engage with and live in a variety of community environments throughout our work and life. Our workplace, neighborhood, running group– these are all groups of people that form communities. When it comes to your independent insurance agency, the first community you might think of is your staff. However, there are many others—from the town you live and work in to your Rotary, state or national professional insurance association, or your agency management system user group. Not to be forgotten are your customers. Of course, depending on your level of involvement you may not really consider these groups to be “communities,” just people living where they live and doing what they do.
Formal definition aside, the true benefit of community comes of what YOU make of it. You need to recognize the benefits and foster relationships within your various groups.

Why do we form these communities? What is it that draws us together? Why should your agency be concerned about community? The usual response is that communities fill a human need to be connected with one another. Although coming together in such groups does speak to this need, forming and fostering communities brings other benefits as well. As a whole, communities:

Multiply resources

Each individual in a community has certain assets. By joining with others, the number of available resources multiplies. As we know, no one person can “have it all,” but a community can come close!

Ensure longevity

Even if a community is not multi-generational, it still has the power of continuation as new members join. This creates stability for the group and opens up opportunities to create big change, knowing the ideas and plans put in motion will continue on after those who set them up leave.

Foster connections

Relationships can grow and strengthen within a community. As relationships develop, members are apt to introduce new connections. Similar to the multiplication of resources, each group member has its own connections to others outside the community. These connections can be fostered and utilized for the benefit of its members.

At SIS, we value community within our workplace, and beyond our office walls by participating in community service locally here in Columbus. We want our clients to experience that same community, which is why we invest in NASPA, the Partner XE user group. Through regional learning sessions, national conferences, and product improvement workgroups, NASPA connects Partner XE users across the country. NASPA not only helps Partner XE users connect and form relationships, but educates our users on the most effective ways to use Partner XE and its capabilities. To find out more about NASPA, including our regular regional conferences, contact us today at [email protected].

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