Going paperless

When it comes to your agency’s bottom line, you know making small changes can have a huge impact. So, why are you still using paper? A recent study from the EPA shows the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper, or 20 reams, annually. That can really add up, especially in the independent insurance business where multiple versions of a policy can be printed and re-printed each day. You can save your agency time and money by going paperless in your office.

Your agency can take a few simple steps to get started on going paperless:

  1. Share internal documents (i.e. meeting notes) via file editing and storage platforms such as Google Drive
  2. Send and sign documents securely via email using encrypted eSignature services like RPost
  3. Convert forms to digital, fillable versions with programs like PDFEscape
  4. Turn your smartphone into a portable document scanner with apps such as ScannerPro
  5. Utilize document storage capabilities within your agency’s management system like Partner XE’s DOCBox

Besides the obvious savings through decreasing your paper purchases, going paperless also increases efficiency. Think of the time spent on processing, filing, and storing paper – time that could be spent in more impactful ways. Also, storing information electronically makes it easier to find via an easy search and portable so agents can access the right documents with the click of a button.

We’ve heard from multiple agency owners on the benefits of going paperless. One owner, Julia Broeders of Weekes Agency, said of Partner XE’s paperless workflow: “…(We) really wanted to be able to go paperless. We are watching our budget and trying to keep running the office with just the three of us without sacrificing service. We needed an agency management system that would help us do that.”

Hear from other agency owners on their Partner XE experience, and check out the latest updates to our Partner XE 2015 at our website, https://sispartnerplatform.com.

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