claimsThe claims management process is central to the insurance experience, containing many facets to ensure success. Government regulations, protection form fraud, and a positive client experience are just a few of the critical pieces to a strong claims management process. Agency owners are constantly looking for ways to improve this process and create an efficient and effective experience. Owners should focus on the key elements highlighted below to ensure their claims management process is at its best.

Integrated Systems

The agency management system is the hub of the independent insurance agency, and it should encompass multiple systems (email, accounting, claims processing) in one centralized place. Integrated systems speed up the claims process by concentrating all client and carrier information in one place, saving keystrokes, and reducing wait time. A centralized system also helps reduce fraud as all elements of the claims process are transparent in one location.

Customizable Claims Management System

The best claims management system is one that allows for customization for an agency’s specific needs. Being able to create the exact claims breakdowns needed saves time and money by making the process more intuitive for employees.

Paperless Workflow

Getting rid of paper means saving money on printing costs and reducing the chance of losing critical pieces. Utilizing a paperless workflow speeds up the claims process as documents can be sent immediately via secure email and signed virtually using esignature technology.

Real Time Downloads

Through Real Time downloads an agency can get immediate access to carrier information when processing a claim. This streamlines the claims process, making it one of the most effective time saving and cost cutting tools.

Mobile Access

Claims processing shouldn’t be tied to a desk. Mobile access allows for claims processing at any time via multiple devices. This means giving both agency employees and clients access to the claims processing system through apps and mobile-ready management systems. Such immediate response greatly improves service to an agency’s number one priority – their clients.

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