Calle de PuebleCommunity engagement is an excellent way to help your independent insurance agency stand out from the crowd. When you show you know and care about your local community, you show yourself as a trustworthy organization. Additionally, a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article shows many individuals, especially millennials, consider community engagement when looking at an organization*. So, how can your agency become more involved in your city or town?

1. Sponsor an event

Local 5Ks, charity auctions, and other such fundraising events always need sponsors. Step up and offer to support. Donate money, supplies, or even your time through employee volunteers. Being a part of such fundraisers shows you care and gets your name out there on the promotional materials (t-shirts, banners, programs, etc.)

2. Get involved in schools

Schools are the center of most communities. In your agency offices, collect supplies like pencils and folders to donate, or advertise for school events like plays or concerts. These small touches show you care about your local schools and don’t take much effort on your part.

3. Start (or sponsor) a team

Get your agency involved in a local volleyball, bowling, t-ball or other league. Your team need not be restricted to your staff – extend invitations to customers and partners as well. Being involved in these leagues will give people a chance to know your agency personally. Forming a team not only engages your community, but builds community within your agency as well.

If you don’t want to get sweaty yourself, sponsor a local youth sports team. Not only will you have a grateful group of kids and parents, you often get free advertising with your name emblazoned on the jerseys.

4. Volunteer your services

One of the best ways you can engage in your community is by giving your time and talent. Offer to help local community centers and nonprofits figure out their insurance needs or provide free advice during a local street fair or community festival. Donating your services gives people a taste of your agency’s personalized service, and shows your agency has a heart for giving back.

No matter what you do, make sure people know you’re doing it. Put pictures on your website of volunteer events, and list dollar amounts of what you’re giving away. Blog about events you attend or groups you sponsor. At a minimum: post to social media. Current and potential customers need to know how you’re engaging in the community in order to see you as a local presence.

We at SIS invest in our local community here in Columbus, and in our Partner XE client community. To find out more about SIS and Partner XE community, visit our website at here!

*Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226974

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