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Picture meeting with a client and taking care of everything they need in one sitting. Policy changes? Done. Claims to process? Complete. New contact information? Updated. Anything the client needs taken care of in the moment, leaving them feeling happy.

This may sound like a fairy tale, but it is quickly becoming the norm. By creating a mobile workforce, your agency can make this fantasy a reality. Not only will mobile access make business happen faster, it also increases accuracy, making a win-win for your clients and your agency.

So – what does it mean to be a mobile agency?

Going mobile means giving your employees access to your management system and other agency tools when they’re out of the office. This can be accessing agency systems via virtual desktops or mobile devices like tablets and phones.

And why is it important to mobilize my agency?

Opting out of mobilizing means falling behind your competitors. The rapid technological improvements of the last few years translate to an expectation for speed in business. Also, immediate access to agency tools means your on-the-go agents can input information right away, increasing accuracy and reducing E & O issues. Plus, mobile access simply saves time, meaning saved money.

Ok, how do I get started?

Ensure your agents have mobile access, whether it be through a phone or tablet. Next, have them download mobile apps to increase efficiency. Focus on apps that will help with simple tasks like finding a client’s location and navigating traffic, to ones that will capture important documents or quickly find policy quotes.

Next, get your agents on cloud-based systems so they can access email, documents, calendars, in any place at any time. Make an effort to get all your employees on the same system to increase efficiency.

Most importantly, get mobile access to your agency management system. This is the most used tool in your agency, making it essential for mobile access.

Partner XE is mobile ready.

Our Partner XE system is mobile ready, granting on-the-go access to client policy summaries, essential documents, and even recent email exchanges via our Outlook Integration.

Plus, Partner XE is easy to learn. As one agency told us: “The system is extremely user friendly. Most of our agents couldn’t use [the previous system] at all so they constantly had to get someone to look data up for them. On Partner XE they can now do it by themselves with little to no training.”

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