The COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic has hit the world hard in many ways. One of the most notable is the effect on disrupting business operations. In this post, we look at how to get insurance clients as your agency adapts operations and gets back up to speed. 

We all experiences slumps at once point or another in our lives, and the lifetime of your agency is no different. However, if your slump is prolonged, it can become a significant issue. When you see a dip turning into a dive, it’s time to face the question “how to get insurance clients” to boost your business.

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Six Ways to Get Back on Track and Get Insurance Clients

1. Take care of your current customers

Excellent service is the number one way to get more customers. If those you serve are happy, they’ll tell people they know. And, according to a Nielson survey, people are four times more likely to give their business to a service referred by a friend. Make it easy for current customers to share their good stories with “refer a friend” links and “how’d we do?” surveys after service experiences.

2. Go back to those you lost

On average, it takes up to 128 days for a lead to convert to a customer. That’s over four months of waiting. Suffice to say those “lost” leads probably aren’t so lost. Make an effort to regularly circle back to prospects who showed an interest but just weren’t ready at the time. You’ve already put in the work to cultivate these relationships, so odds are higher for conversion.

3. Get (consistently) social

Close to 90% of high performing salespeople identify social networking as a critical part of their sales strategy. That’s because social media is now a major communication platform, both personally and professionally. However, like with any communication method, it’s consistency that counts. Work to have a regular presence on your social platforms to increase visibility and reach.

4. Leverage technology

The technology you need to improve prospect influx and conversion is out there; it’s just a matter of whether or not you’ll use it. Marketing automation has been shown to double and triple conversion rates, while businesses using CRMs see an average 29% increase in sales. These sales technologies work. Now it’s time to make them work for your agency.

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5. Find and flaunt your niche

Independent agencies that identified and exploited their specializations saw up to a 10% increase in growth rate, according to studies. Analyze your customer base to discover your niche area and use it to your advantage. The more targeted you can go, the higher the chances you’ll find prospecting success.

6. Bring it back to your website

97% of people go online when looking for local businesses or services. And, 75% of people said they judged a company’s credibility based on its website. These stats show your website is the window to your agency and gives the ultimate first impression. To bring in prospects, you need to optimize your website for visual appeal and functionality.

Start by putting the most accessed features at the forefront, such as “request a quote” and “view my policy.” Make the client portal log-in well visible and make it easy for visitors to access your contact information as well. Ensure its overall design is dynamic and visually pleasing, aiming to have a de-cluttered and well-organized page.

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Bringing in More Business with Partner Platform

Our Partner Platform team has worked with agencies of all sizes and in all different stages in their business. One thing they all have in common is a need to make daily processes run better to support customers and make them happier, adding incentive for customers to refer services and freeing up time for agents to prospect better. That’s why we designed our Partner Platform agency management system suite to have intuitive tools supported by a world-class service team to help our agencies do more, better.

With our integrated Producer Results Manager CRM and Marketing Automation Manager, we give agencies access to the best business development tools connected with a management system that serves all arms of their agency. Plus, we’ve added new website creation ability coupled with a client portal and mobile app creation with our Partner Connect experience.

Find out more about our Partner Connect website, client portal, and mobile app experience and our other agency-driven Partner Platform features today: get in touch at  800.747.7005, Option 6, or [email protected] to find out more.

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