Choosing an agency management system can often feel like buying a home. It’s a big decision and will impact your life for years to come.  The process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, making it one you don’t want to repeat.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When my wife and I bought our first home, the process was surprisingly smooth – thanks to our realtor. We met them through a referral and, because we knew and trusted the people they worked with, we trusted them too.

Thinking about choosing a new management system? Check out our Choosing an Agency Management System eGuide for tips.

When looking for an agency management system, it’s important to consider the who behind the system just as much as the what. Working with a provider you trust makes all the difference. Your potential provider will walk with you through all the elements of your new system, including:

  • Determining capabilities
  • Implementing conversion
  • Training your team
  • Providing support
  • Adding future enhancements

Look for a provider that can handle all these elements in a way that works for you. When looking for our house, we knew some of the things we wanted, and our realtor was able to leverage their experience to fill in the gaps. Your provider should do the same.

Find out how to prepare your agency for the transition to a new management system here.

How do you know if a provider has the experience and dependability you need? Pay attention to what they and others tell you. After meeting with a potential provider, ask yourself:

  • Do they know their system well? Are they able to show me how their system will fit my agency needs?
  • How many conversions have they done? From what systems?
  • Can they articulate the conversion process well?
  • Do they provide training? Do I feel they will support my staff during the transition?
  • How do I contact the support team? How quickly will they respond to my agency needs?
  • What are their plans for future enhancements and updates?

The best way to know if a management system provider is a fit is to talk to agencies that work with them. Be sure to get referrals and find out their answers to the above questions. Their insight will give you a window into how your potential provider works.

In the end, the best fit is a provider that will support you and your agency. You want someone who will listen and respond to your needs, helping your agency continually improve.

At SIS, our Partner XE management system is more than a name – it’s who we are. We’re committed to helping agencies succeed through collaboration and building long-term relationships. Hear what our clients say about us and get in touch to see what we mean.

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