Insurance LeadsFrom our last posts, you know how to gain leads and how to grow leads, but it’s all for naught if you don’t follow up. This is the missing link between bringing in potential clients and fostering a relationship. As with lead nurturing, lead follow-up can be a delicate dance between staying on the potential client’s radar and respecting their space. With this simple acronym, you should be able to F.I.N.D, and convert, new leads.

Focusing on the best

This means zeroing in on the most qualified leads. It’s important to follow up with every lead you gain, but you don’t want to expend energy on a contact that is leading nowhere. To find out if a lead has the potential to become a client, first find out if the person you’re talking to is the decision maker. If not, try to get in contact with this person. You can also gain information by asking what prompted the lead to contact you. There is a difference in potential between “I just moved and must get new insurance,” and “I’m just browsing around.”

Immediate follow-up

There are compelling studies that show following up within 5 minutes can make a lead 20 times more likely to convert in to a client. Once a request form is submitted, reply immediately. This not only gets the potential client connected to you, but also puts you in contact with them at the height of their need. It may benefit you to have an “off-hours” person following up on leads that come in after business hours. This extra touch can really make your insurance agency stand out.

Nurturing the relationship

As mentioned in our post on lead nurturing, it is important to build a relationship with this potential client. Find out everything you can about them by tracking all your conversations and taking good notes. It’s important to find out when is the best time to contact each lead, so you will be sure to be in conversation with them and respect their space

Dilligent follow-up

Perseverance is often the key to success. You should follow up a minimum of 7 times before “giving up”. If you still do not hear from a lead, it is best to shelf the lead for a month or so, and then get in contact again. By not giving up, you show your prospective clients that each individual is important to your agency and that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

As you track your follow up, be sure you are logging your activities within you agency management system. You can make things easier with a system that already has key integration capabilities like synching with Outlook and mobile access. Partner XE includes such capabilities, as well as real time connection to carrier sites to help answer prospect questions. To find out more about how Partner XE can help you track, convert and retain leads, contact us today at sales@sisware.com.


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