As businesses begin to re-open across the country, many need to re-assess their prospecting strategy. As you look into your agency’s insurance prospecting software and strategy, these three tools should be in your toolbox.

When it comes down to it, insurance prospecting software isn’t much different than prospecting software for any business. It’s about learning and connecting with prospects and clients, no matter what service you offer. The difference lies in how well you understand and leverage that software.

To help your agency stay on the cutting edge, let’s take a look at the top three insurance prospecting tools and why you need them in your office.

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1. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

The What: A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a tool created and designed to track and manage prospects and customers. Its origins are to help you with prospecting, which is why it’s the number one tool we suggest you employ in your agency. CRMs work to keep a running tab on all your prospects and customers and provide the data you need to create and track the performance of conversion strategies. It’s your information hub.

The Why: According to recent case studies, CRMs have more than a 10x ROI for insurance brokers. What makes them so great? It all lies in the ability to obtain and process data.

CRMs have amazing organizational abilities, putting databases of contacts and marketing and sales interactions in easy-to-read outputs. This quick processing means more time for you to act on what you know. Better prospect knowledge leads to higher conversion, and in turn, a better understanding of what works. Specific to insurance, CRMs aid in policy management by reminding agents of policy renewal dates and signaling opportunities for cross-selling and upselling policies.

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2. Marketing Automation

The What: Used to track prospect and customer engagement, marketing automation is designed to focus on marketing interactions. But wait – there’s more! Marketing automation tools also automate multi-channel marketing campaigns. You can set up campaigns to take action when a prospect requests a quote or opens an email, allowing you to stay connected across multiple channels.

The Why: Marketing automation creates engagement faster and more consistently than you can on your own. It can schedule emails to send or generate social media responses when you’re not able to be there, creating a connection you can leverage later. Marketing automation, like a CRM, also measures the results of your marketing campaigns so you can tell what’s working and what needs a re-boot.

It may seem marketing automation takes the personal out of your human-focused and driven agency. But it actually generates more human connection. As you allow marketing automation to create a connection, you and your team have more time to spend with customers and prospects that need a customized, personal touch. According to a Salesforce “State of Marketing” report, 52% of consumers will switch brands if they don’t get personalized communications. Marketing automation gives you the data to know what your customers want and the time and space to give them that personal connection.

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3. Integrated Communications (Email and SMS)

The What: Synching all your communications in one place, with one system to streamline processes.

The Why: Email and texting are the most effective forms of communication for businesses and consumers today. A recent poll showed up to 73% of consumers wish businesses would use texting more in their communications. Agencies now use texting for things like policy renewal reminders and submitting claims information. Email is critical for all communication, especially around sales and marketing. It just makes sense to directly connect these communication tools to your management system.

Not only do integrated text and email streamline processes, they also aid in E&O protection. When all your communications link to your management system, you have an automatic, permanent record of what was said and done.

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Getting the Right Software and Service in One Place

There are numerous great prospecting tools out there, but it’s about more than getting the right tool, it’s knowing how to use it. The best software not only syncs well with your agency’s current systems, it also comes from a provider that offers the upfront training and ongoing service you need to unleash its full potential.

Our Partner Platform team knows our sales and marketing tools inside and out and are dedicated to bringing them to our agencies. With personalized, targeted training and continued dedicated support, we can be sure each of our Partner Platform agencies have the best tools and the knowledge on how to use them.

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