This November, we’re in a particularly thankful mood as we reflect on the ways our Partner Platform community and system have grown this year. SIS President Michael Doran shares his thoughts on what our agencies and we have done to create the best agency management system experience this year and for years to come.

The best agency management system experience addresses the universal ways independent agencies operate while allowing a degree of customization and personalization for the uniqueness of each agency.  One of the most rewarding parts of serving independent insurance business owners is how involved they are in shaping and improving our products and service.  Through feedback and discussions, we as a group – agency management system provider and independent insurance agents – get better and ultimately work to serve our respective clients better. 

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Striving for Community, Collaboration, Simplicity, and Depth

This community and collaboration atmosphere drives our experience as we launch the third major Partner Platform release of 2019.  Guided by client requests, this latest release makes it even easier to support large, complex commercial clients and provide greater simplicity with our built-in accounting capabilities. 

These over 20 enhancements for integrated accounting alone were 100% client-driven. And with each enhancement, we make it easier for new agencies to join Partner Platform without missing a beat, quickly seeing improvements in all aspects of their business. 

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Affirming our Goals Through Client Voices

While community, collaboration, simplicity, and depth are our goals, what we hear from our clients is our affirmation. When we hear from our clients, we know we’ve succeeded. Evidence of our achievements lies in feedback like the following:

“There are many agency management systems available to independent agents today. Choice is great and so is understanding what is right for your business. Partner Platform from Strategic Insurance Software is one that my clients have enjoyed for its depth of capabilities and ease of use. They also have a comprehensive conversion process which seems unique, as well as willing and helpful ongoing customer support. I’d encourage agency owners and their teams to consider Partner in their evaluation of an agency management system.”  – Mary Belka, Owner, Eisenhart Consulting

“The largest advantage we have is the relationship with the folks at Partner Platform. The software is wonderful, and it works great for our organization, but we moved away from another vendor that was providing us software that worked great for our organization…(W)e were looking for more of a relationship, and that’s what we get from the folks at Partner. We request changes, they are listening to us. We have access to the folks that are decision-makers, and that’s incredibly important to us.” – Pam Thompson, Chief Operations Officer, Turbeville Insurance Agency

These are wonderful compliments to receive from strong leaders with significant experience in insurance and various technology providers.  The name Partner is more than just our product name; it’s the essence and culture we strive for in every interaction with our clients.  Hear more from our Partner agencies and their experience with community, collaboration, simplicity, and depth. Visit our client stories page or get in touch with us to view a Partner Platform demo to find out more.

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