Remember those Febreze commercials where people didn’t notice the smell in their homes, cars, and other spaces? They had gotten used to the unpleasant order they lived with in these places. But, when other people came by, it was obvious something stunk.

When I meet with individuals about switching agency management systems, I have a similar experience. I find too often they’ve gotten used to the system they have, even if it does stink. They’ve put up with limited functionality, found workarounds, and have given up on the slow-moving customer service offered by their provider.

Are you ignoring the smell of your agency management system? Check out our “must-have” list below to see if you’re missing these critical pieces for a more fragrant management system experience.

System Must Haves: The Short List

Below are the absolute musts for your management system. If you’re one short, it’s time to move to greener pastures.

Web-based program Responsive customer service
High-quality data security Comprehensive downloads
Customizable interface Personal Lines Rater integration
Import/export for data and reports Ability to flood policy coverage to ACORD Forms
Intuitive menus and navigation

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Top Capabilities: What Sets You Apart

Independent insurance agencies never settle for “good enough.” Go beyond the minimum with these capabilities to set your agency apart.

  1. Outlook Integration

Customer and company communication is almost exclusively through email. Outlook integration brings email into your system, saving you from switching back and forth.

  1. Integrated Accounting

An integrated accounting system eliminates doubling data entry in Quickbooks or Peachtree. You also get the ability to run extensive reports using all the data stored in your system.

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  1. Client Portal

Client portal access is quickly becoming a must-have for customers. With this online portal, customers essentially serve themselves after regular business hours.

  1. Proposal Creator

A customizable proposal creator allows agencies to provide clients with professional, agency-branded proposals in 10 minutes or less for all renewals.

See more on SIS’s Proposal Creator and Client Portal in our latest releases

  1. Mobile App

Another emerging must-have, a mobile app gives employees on-the-go access to customer and policy information. This allows staff to enter follow-up activities and update info in the moment so business can keep moving no matter where you’re located.

Finding a System that Has It All

Is it possible to find a system and provider that has it all? The short answer: no. But the long answer is: if they’re willing to grow. Each agency is unique, requiring a system that fits them. A provider that is open to changing and improving their system can make that perfect fit happen again and again as your needs grow.

Collaboration and growth are integral to our success at SIS. Our Partner XE management system is continually improved to directly meet partner agency needs, ensuring good stays the enemy of great. Find out more about how we work with our agencies through Workgroups and Regional Learnings. Visit us at sispartnerplatform.com to get in touch at [email protected].

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