As the way we do business changes, so, too, does the way we market. If you’re looking for ways to up your marketing, try these insurance marketing strategies to help your agency bring in business and grow your base

1. Establish your brand

You can’t market something undefined. Yes, you’re selling insurance, but you’re also selling a relationship, which is more important to your customers. Define who you are and what makes your agency stand out in the insurance game. Then, bring that message to the masses. Put your logo and tagline on your website, mobile app, and in all your outgoing email messages. A strong brand creates a strong connection, and connection is what brings in customers.

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2. Know your clients and prospects

Relationships and connections are what sets you apart as an agency. To gain that connection, you need to know your clients and prospects. What do they value? Where is their highest need? These are questions you need to answer before you can establish a plan to nurture relationships. Gain baseline information like location, age, and family make-up from your outreach and market research. Leverage your CRM to create prospect segments. Look at each segment and create a targeted outreach plan to foster connections.

3. Get with the digital age

Have we mentioned that we’re living in a digital age? If you’ve read any of our past content, you’ll notice a pattern of calling out the importance of digital engagement. Your agency needs a quality website that’s uncluttered, easy to navigate, and shows off your brand. You also need a branded client portal and mobile app providing anywhere, anytime access for your customers. These digital resources are now requirements as consumers expect each from your agency and other businesses. Add in elements like esignatures for seamless, paper-free policy processing, and you’re set with making your agency digital-ready.

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4. Evaluate and improve your service

Great service markets itself. Provide ample opportunity for your customers to provide feedback on how you’re doing so you can publicize your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. You can also leverage mobile apps and chatbots to connect faster and provide solutions sooner than conventional service calls. Each improvement you make steps up your marketing game one more notch.

5. Collaborate with your community

Community is the heart of your agency, so bring it front and center in your marketing. Sponsor a local softball team, volunteer at a food bank, and generally share photos of your team out and about in your locality. Leverage partnerships like offering discounts to customers who buy from a nearby car dealership or give special offers to alumni of your local college. Each of these efforts endears your agency to your community, making it easier for you to connect and grow your business.

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Get the Tools You Need to Grow

Our Partner Connect offerings include custom website design, Client Portal creation, and a robust agency-branded mobile app to keep you ahead of the marketing curve. Plus, current Partner agencies can access a sample marketing plan to help jump-start their outreach strategy. And, it’s all part of the Partner Platform system, designed for agency sales enablement and service.

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