security-data safeCyber security is on the rise as the holiday shopping season and its vulnerability to cyber-attacks approaches. As an independent insurance agency owner, it’s your job to think about the data you protect. Client and employee data needs to stay safe from cyber-criminals, who are continually coming up with new ways to hack systems.

Enter your agency management system – one of your greatest cyber security tools. Your system houses all the data you need to protect, making it the front line in your cyber security. Ensure your management system provider offers all you need to keep such information out of the hands of criminals.


Cloud storage is essential for data security. Your management system should be backed up by a third-party provider focused on security. Redundant backups and disaster recovery should be standard. Such providers have round the clock physical security, firewall data protection, and encrypted access. There is no safer place for your agency’s data to reside.


Both your management systems and its cloud provider should routinely update security. As we’ve explored in past posts, cyber-criminals are coming up with new ways to break in to systems each day. Frequent updates mean your agency is one step ahead of the criminals in keeping your data safe. Such updates should happen quickly and easily, with the bulk handled by your provider.


You should feel like the number one priority to your management system provider. This means regular communication and quick responses to any issues. Your agency should have access to an individualized support team focused on your agency’s specific needs. In addition, your provider should have a contingency plan in place for unexpected disaster.  They should be able to provide you with information on how to access your data and a timeline for recovery.

Ultimately, it is important to talk to your agency management system provider about what they’re doing to keep your data secure. Security is a top priority at SIS, as evidenced in our status as a CompTIA Security Trustmark+ company. Find out more about how we look out for our clients by visiting our client services page, or contact us today at sales@sisware.com.

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