Secure WebsitesA lot goes into making your independent insurance agency’s website attractive, user friendly, and up to date. However, if users can’t find your site, or don’t feel secure while they’re there, it’s all for naught. As an agency owner, you need to think about making your website searchable and secure so it can be the sales and service tool you need.

SEARCHABLE sites use…

  • Modern designs and tools, such as responsiveness, show search engines you’re serious about staying up to date
  • Regularly updated, succinct content makes it easy for a web crawler to evaluate your site
  • Relevant keywords, including in page titles and image descriptions in your site’s metadata (local keywords are especially relevant for independent agencies)
  • Links to other relevant sites, including agency partners, and link backs from those sites

SECURE sites focus on…

  • Complying with E & O and HIPPA regulations regarding receiving and sending client data over the internet
  • Using updated firewalls and security certificates/patches
  • Encrypting all form submissions using complex validation keys
  • Watching and testing sites on a regular basis using tools such as WordPress Acunetix or Drupal

Your site’s searchability and security are both linked to your agency management system, and we at SIS take this seriously. Our Partner XE focuses on keeping your client’s data secure, and grants you access to demographics to help focus marketing. Plus, we have a dedicated client services team to help you discover all the ways Partner XE can help you grow your agency

To find out more about Partner XE’s capabilities, contact us at 800.747.7005 or [email protected].

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