The Thayer family has been running Batchelder Brothers Insurance in Sanford, ME for more than 140 years and counting. With history like that, the family-run business has become a cornerstone in the small town. “Our agency is committed to showing the people in this town that we care by protecting their interests, families, and businesses,” owner Andrew Thayer said of the agency. And it’s that care that attracted him to SIS and the Partner XE agency management system.

As the agency grew, Andrew realized the business needed to make some changes to keep the personal touch their customers expected. “We were fairly late to the game in terms of the management system side of the business,” Andrew said, “It was working for us but we realized some inefficiencies.”

Andrew asked around and was recommended SIS and Partner XE. After meeting with SIS Client Services Manager Jake Thaxton and President Michael Doran, Andrew recognized in SIS what his agency strived for: “The personal touch that SIS and Partner XE provided from the start jumped out at me immediately. That just doesn’t exist with any other provider,” he said.

Fast forward a year later and we sat down with Andrew to talk about his management system search and transition. In our conversation, we covered some of the ways Partner XE and SIS have helped Batchelder Brothers grow, including:

  • Regular client-driven system improvements
  • Nimbleness and flexibility, resulting in personalized trainings and custom features
  • Quick, accurate, and effective customer service response
  • Intuitive system navigation

Read our full conversation on our Client Stories page.

Does Andrew’s story resonate with you? If so, get in touch with an SIS team member to find out more on how SIS and Partner XE can serve your agency. Get in touch at [email protected].

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