Streamline Workflow With Your Agency Management System

Training, support & timely upgrades help agencies maximize impact of insurance software

When it comes right down to it, who doesn’t want to make their business more efficient? No matter how much you get done, there always seems like you could do more, given the time. Fortunately technology just keeps getting better and better and insurance agency management systems are no different. The trick is working with a partner that will upgrade and adjust without forcing you to switch platforms, keeping up with the technology and knowing how to use it to successfully streamline your business operations.

As Clare DeNicola recently wrote an article for PropertyCasualty 360º entitled Automation Technology Can Successfully Transform Business, “When implementing technology internally, a strategy that incorporates training, education, online resources, or all of the above, is essential to the project’s success. After all, if no one uses the technology, a lot of time and money has been wasted.”

While the focus of her article was on the reasons why more carriers need to implement Real-time technology, there are many parallels with an agency implementing an agency management system.

When evaluating agency management systems, keep these things in mind.

  • Your system needs to be easy enough to use that people will actually use it.
  • You need to get adequate training and support in order to realize all the benefits a system has to offer.
  • You need to be able to get questions answered quickly.
  • And, more specifically, Real-time is essential to getting things done quickly and efficiently.

As we discussed in previous blogs, you also need to consider whether or not your agency management system partner backs their product with exceptional service and commitment to growth.

Just as there is no doubt that automation can enhance and streamline your business, there is also no doubt that what is new today will be old tomorrow. That it is why it is so important to work with a partner like SIS who is committed to listening to the needs of their clients and continually working to upgrade their product.

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