Use Your Agency Management System to Streamline Your Marketing

Arthur Middleton Hughes recently wrote an article for The Database Marketing Institute called “Increasing Insurance Customer Retention.” Many studies, he said, show that $1 paid towards customer retention increases profits by more than $5 spent on new customer acquisition.

Steve Anderson, who publishes the monthly “Anderson Agency Report,” cites that customer retention is the first priority of an agency’s marketing execution plan for creating a profitable book of business.

Communication is Critical

Effective communication with your clients is one of the keys to keeping them satisfied. As you know, you cannot write the policy and then forget about it until renewal time rolls around. In order to truly develop the relationship with the client, the renewal process should start immediately after the first process is sold.

Social media is all the rage these days, and, yes, it is a good strategy for keeping in touch with customers and prospects. It is not, however, the only strategy. It is a part of the big picture, which includes more traditional methods of communication – mail, email, and, of course, the telephone.

Using Your Insurance Software Makes it Easy

Fortunately for you, your Partner XE agency management system automates a lot of the activities required to send mailings via e-mail or traditional mail methods. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can run queries using any number of parameters (from clients with birthdays in the month of February, to clients with homeowner insurance but not auto, or clients who have homeowners insurance, but do not have earthquake coverage). You can also print letters, print envelopes and export email addresses directly from the system. Want to use an outside service provider to send your materials out? No problem! Simply export your targeted lists out of XE by right clicking on the grid and selecting the export function. Best of all, everything you do can be tracked within your agency software for measurable results.

If you need assistance in maximizing the marketing potential of your Partner XE agency management system, just give us a call at 800.747.7005, Option 2.

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