Your customers are your #1 asset. Without them, you have no business! So, you want to have a positive relationship with each of them. A big part of that is building trust, especially when it comes to keeping their information secure.

Are you ready to take on that responsibility? Only if you can say your agency is protected from cyber risk. A protected agency can make the following statements to their customers. Can you?

“Our agency data is monitored 24/7.”

If you’re utilizing an offsite, cloud-based data storage system, your data is protected round the clock.

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“We can securely receive sensitive customer information.”

Multi-character password-protected email encryption keeps sensitive data safe.

“Our agency data is backed-up regularly.”

Cloud services also provide consistent redundant back-ups, ensuring your agency’s data is doubly safe.

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“We have an agency plan to combat cyber-attacks.”

Every agency should have a plan in place. Know where your data is stored, how to access it during an attack, and your recovery process.

“Our agency has data security measures in place.”

Employ agency regulations around data safety, including strong passwords, control over application downloads, and limited access to sensitive data.

Let them know how you’re storing data, the measures you’re taking to keep it safe, and notify them immediately in the unlikely event of a data breach.

Connection and transparency is a big part of what we do at SIS. We keep our clients informed and maintain open communication about how their data stays safe with Partner XE’s secure infrastructure.

You can find out more about how Partner XE keeps agency data safe on our website. Or, get in touch with us at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.