sis_eguide_MNGING_TECH_COSTS_thumbnailTechnology is rapidly changing and updating, and your independent insurance agency needs to keep up. No longer does having a cell phone or laptop qualify for being up to date with tech. All aspects of your agency should be integrated with technology – from sales, to acquisitions, customer service, and marketing. The most up-to-date systems and versions are an important part of ensuring you stay relevant, especially considering the sophistication and budget of the large captive agencies.

Our current eGuide addresses the ways to keep up with the latest technology while ensuring your agency is keeping costs manageable. We take a look at the essential hardware and software your agency needs, how to research the best quality, and the importance of finding the right partner. Download the eGuide now!

For more tips how to make your agency the most efficient and effective it can be, check out our other eGuides and the SIS blog, or contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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