By now nearly all Partner XE users should be up and running with Partner XE 2.0 – the start of the next generation of your agency management system. Partner XE 2.0

features over 100 enhancements, most of which were driven by feedback from our users, and lays the groundwork for integration with value added business applications and technology solutions, Acord e-forms,  and customer web portal access. More information on these enhancements, including demos and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on PartnerNet.

Overall, initial feedback we have received has been quite positive.

  • “Wanted you pass on to the whole team at SIS what a good job they did on the Partner XE 2.0.  I came early this morning and updated everyone’s computer, which was easy, thank you. Everyone came and went to work as if nothing had happened.  What a smooth transition!” – Waynesboro, PA

If you or any member of your team has any comments about the transition or Partner XE 2.0 itself, our team would appreciate hearing from you. Your input will be valuable as we continue to work to enhance and improve your user experience. Please send feedback to Bryce Lee at [email protected].

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